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New Money Making Opportunity

The Growth And Use Of Secondary Capital (New Money)
Creates Unprecedented Wealth In This New Age Of Possibility!

In the new open world economy, the markets have a freer play in judging currency values. And, as civilizations get more efficient in the processing of information, a government's control of money will be even less of a force in the nation's economy.

We will experience a profound monetary change in the coming millennium and it will create an age of possibility such as the world has never known!

Today's high speed computers and fiber-optic communications are dramatically changing the nature of financial transactions and the way we do business.

The definition of old money, as learned in Economics 101—that money is a store of value and a medium of exchange in the form of paper and coins—will be replaced by a new one of today's information age.

The new mints and engravers won't be the central bankers as we've known, but companies like GE, AT&T, and Visa.

And they will include a myriad of smaller entities, both here and abroad, which supply the informational ingredients of money. Information about who earned a credit yesterday, or who can be trusted to pay back a debt tomorrow.

The "new money," no longer defined by the agricultural and industrial ages, is less a medium of exchange and more a measure and comparison of value, controlled almost entirely by the free market.

The implications of moving from "old money" (paper & coins) to an electronic measure of value are dramatic!

Innovative organizations, using the latest in information technologies, are leading us to the time when every producer will have the ability to instantaneously locate parties that want their product and parties that have what they need—possibly eliminating money entirely as a medium of exchange.

Today, paper money is no longer a store of value for us. We choose to store our wealth in other forms, like stocks and bonds, and many other financial instruments that derive value from the underlying assets.

Money stored in a stock is backed not by the full faith and credit of the government, but by the publicly-traded stock. The stock derives its value from the corporate asset it represents, from the opinions of financial analysts, and from shareholders who own the company.

So today money functions as a measurement, a way of communicating value in a common language. As the tools of the electronic age permit companies to create more and more financial instruments (secondary capital), our options will increase.

As money continues to evolve into measurement systems, the implications are dramatic. The growth and use of secondary capital will create unprecedented wealth in this new age of possibility!

There Are Many Forms Of Secondary Capital

Secondary capital or "new money" can be defined as any financial instrument that measures and communicates value in a common language.

Today's electronic, information age increasingly creates more options and opportunities. And money, as we have known it, is rapidly evolving into various measurement systems.

The growth of competing monetary systems as well as every conceivable kind of secondary capital—stocks, bonds, options, warrants, derivatives, commercial paper, lease-backs, accounts receivable, gift certificates, frequent-flyer miles, custom contracts, TV promotions, trade marks/copyrights, area-naming rights, corporate sponsorships, luxury-suite licenses, celebrity-backed annuities, private credit cards, smart cards, unused production capacities, due bills, scrip, trade dollars—collectively become the new money of the next century.

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How To Barter

Company's Products & Services Bartered For Equity In Promising Ventures

Company's Products & Services Bartered For Equity In Promising Ventures

As the barter marketplace expands and the sophisticated use of this versatile tool grows, we're seeing a growing number of "barter investors" surfacing around the country.

A barter investor is defined as a company or an individual who is willing and able to make a needed and important investment in an early-stage idea on up to an established business.

In the majority of cases the investment isn't a passive one, but rather sees an active investor bringing a contribution that is important—enabling a leverage using the barter investor's already established infrastructure.

Depending upon an investor's niche and expertise, this contribution could, for example, include introducing one's clients to thousands of the barter investor's customers, or providing the advertising to gain new customers as well as other marketing expertise.

Additional contributions might be to offer billing and collecting services, processing of orders, warehousing, shipping, and other services like negotiating bank lines of credits. In short, participation by such an investor quickly fills holes and provides one with a running start.

Three Examples of Barter Investments:

A) The barter investor was an operating service company with a substantial unused line-of-credit. An investor guaranteed the line-of-credit for use by the entrepreneur at a predetermined price for stock. As the credit was used, equity ownership accrued for the barter investor. The investor became a member of this start-up's board of directors.

B) The barter investor, a computer manufacturing company principal, made available $50,000 worth of hardware, software, networking technology and system maintenance services, in exchange for a $50,000 equivalent equity position in the company.

C) The barter investor, a service company's principal, committed the company's staff and administrative infrastructure to handle all the customer service, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable, as well as all order fulfillment and inventory control for a rapidly growing CD ROM duplicator. The barter investor also functioned in an interim capacity as a CFO until one was hired.

The Barter Investor's Profile Looks Like This:

  • Provides what you would have used capital to buy in exchange for equity
  • Participates...not passive
  • Prefers early-stage businesses
  • Offers capital and infrastructure (an incubator model)
  • Believes management is most important criterion
  • Looks for venture with capability to grow to $10 million in 3 to 5 years
  • Invests up to $250,000 of products and/or services in exchange for equity

In these examples we see that the entrepreneurs offered equity to vendors who became barter investors by trading their support services and infrastructure for equity in the firms.

Consulting Firm Wants "Secondary Capital" Rather Than Cash

A small consulting firm's enthusiasm for getting paid in a form of "secondary capital," in this case stock options, is producing a windfall for some of its employees.

Parthenon Group in Boston derived 54% of its $39 million revenue last year from exercising options collected as fees—a much higher proportion than most consulting firms.

The result: Parthenon consultants with three years of experience earned an average of $340,000—about $200,000 more than their counterparts at top-tier firms.

Taking a chunk of fees in options "gives our consultants and clients a sense that we're personally invested in our advice," explains William F. Achtmeyer, CEO of Parthenon, which employs 84 consultants.

More consulting firms are embracing this practice, partly to serve rapidly growing high-tech concerns with scant cash, says Wayne Cooper, who follows consulting firms for Kennedy Information in Fitzwilliam (NH).


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