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How Being A Woman Paid Off!

One of BarterNews magazine;s past popular issues was #34, published in 1995. (The cover featured Alan Zimmelman, Duncan Banner, and Ilan Ben-Yosef..."The California Connection!" ) It was that issue that carried the following story:

Lisa-Gaye Shearing, 37, astutely traded on the fact that as a woman she could be a tremendous help to a company wanting to get in on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auction of two-way paging licenses in October of that year. Especially since the FCC was offering special payment terms for female-owned firms.

By working with the Pennsylvania-based cable firm Adelphia Communications, Ms Shearing was handed 50.1% of a new company, Page Cell. The arrangement enabled Adelphia to get the special payment terms including a 40% discount on its $53 million bid for licenses. Ms Shearing, trading on her gender, got over half of the company without having to put one cent on the table!