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MySpace Barter Strategy Promises Huge Payoff!

Already one of the most visited sites in cyberspace, MySpace (the social-networking web site) continues to move forward in building one of the Internet�s most successful juggernauts.

Now they�re resorting to the age-old, proven way-of-doing business...ambitiously bartering with some of the biggest names in the media business, to obtain a dramatic video content on their site. (MySpace now has 100 million users from around the world.) 

Everything from entertainment, news, how-to, and animation will be forthcoming as MySpace trades with the likes of The New York Times, Reuters, National Geographic, the Animation Show, the Daily Reel, Expert Village and Young Hollywood, as well as thousands of micro-communities.

The barter formula is straight forward: �Provide us with some of your content in exchange for space on our site.� With MySpace, one of the most visited sites on the Internet, such a barter offer is extremely enticing. Not to mention that there will be more content to monitize and additional advertising opportunities for the company, which already carries ads from 90 of the top 100 global brands.