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 Knowledge Is Power! The Cost of Knowing (About Barter)  Is Nothing Compared To The Cost Of Not Knowing!

In your business you know that knowledge is power. When it comes time to use barter-a powerful business tool-use it most effectively by consulting with one of the most knowledgeable guys in the world on this specialized subject.

Strategize with Bob Meyer to improve your company's bottom-line. Together you will identify the optimal solution for your company's situation, and set-up a step-by-step plan for the attainment of your goals.

These trading goals may include ways to:
1) Turn your liabilities into assets
2) Gain sales in new markets
3) Dramatically cut your cost of borrowing money
4) Follow proven techniques to beat your competition
5) Cut your middleman costs
6) Find new low cost sources of supply
7) And, most importantly, structure the best deal for your company.

Doors will be opened for you which will provide very safe and profitable ways to leverage your product or service. You will receive advice on contracts which protect your interests, and be introduced to the most effective and efficient companies in the business…if that's the direction you desire.

He's provided consultation services to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies, both here and abroad. His advice was sought by the nation's biggest defense contractor before bartering $16 million inventory. A prominent Japanese corporation flew two company executives to California before its joint venture with a corporate barter company. One of nation's largest media companies paid Meyer for his advice. He was also a strategic advisor to venture capitalists.

He's twice addressed the American Countertrade Association, a prestigious organization of major Fortune 500 corporations that "countertrade" in the billions.

Additionally, you will benefit from Meyer's expertise on the latest accounting and tax information, plus valuable marketing and advertising assistance.

Take advantage of the wealth of experience offered by this barter industry veteran, and your bottom-line profits will surely grow.

Bob Meyer, Publisher
Voice: (949) 831-0607
Fax: (949) 831-9378

Telephone and On-Site Barter Consulting with Bob Meyer

For those who need to ask an expert specific questions to get started or over a roadblock, Bob Meyer will be available for a very limited amount of telephone consulting.

Our normal consulting fees are $200 per hour. But in order to be accessible to small businesses we offer 15 minutes of oral telephone consulting for only $75--no exceptions or minimums.

This telephone consultation service does not include:

  • Providing more than one hour of telephone consulting.
  • Written reports of any kind.
  • Doing advance study.
  • Providing endorsements.
  • On-site consulting. (Our standard consulting rate is $2,000 per day plus travel and accommodations, plus $1,000 for each additional day required for travel.)
  • Signing Non-Disclosure Statements. (We will keep your information confidential, it’s not worth the potential legal liability to sign an NDS for $75.)

E-mail your fax number to us at so we can determine the best time for your oral consultation…we will fax you a form for your convenience.


Barter Industry Consultant

Bob Meyer

  • 28 years barter industry experience
  • Barter Hall of Fame member (IRTA inductee 1998)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Trade Exchanges, September 10, 2004
  • Provided consultation services to entrepreneurial-owned businesses on up to a Fortune 500 company, both here and abroad
  • Member of the Board of Governors of the American Small Business Advisory
  • Strategic advisor 1999-2000 to venture capitalists forming start-up BarterNet (now Intagio), the only VC funded barter company still in existence
  • Founder and Publisher of BarterNews magazine
  • Author and Lecturer
  • Created the 532-page FastStart Barter Programs I & II

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