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Real Estate Is One Of The Proven Forms Of Wealth

Real estate is considered an economic anchor in many areas of the world. Over the last few years, as the U.S. economy struggled to regain its balance after the dot-com implosion and then the 9/11 attacks, followed by the mind-numbing hurricane disasters, real estate investments have been a lifesaver for many.

BarterNews has reported on ways an individual or family can increase wealth through selective upgrades and remodeling, many times by using barter, i.e. trade dollars as a form of payment, or partial payment.

We've also reported on how an investor with scores of single family houses saved thousands by renting out several on trade, then spending the earned trade dollars for professional management service which made his life much easier.
Real estate is traded in a big way today. There are 7,000 real estate specialists, called "Real Estate Exchangors" who put together over $210 billion (in 2004) tax-deferred "1031" real estate exchanges. These "like-kind" exchanges would include homes, office buildings, commercial and industrial real estate and apartments, as well as raw land, which is held for investment purposes. Virtually any business or commercial property can be bartered for another.

Additionally, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of trading value is seen through the trading of vacation time share units and vacation homes.

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