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You Are About To Discover One Of The World's
Best-Kept Business Secrets!

Dear Entrepreneur and Business Builder,

Hello, my name is Bob Meyer. Spend a few minutes with me now and I'll give you a valuable sure-fire business strategy that will rapidly increase your sales and lower your costs. It doesn't require any large investments. In fact in some cases you can start with no capital whatsoever.

You can do it wherever you live, and you can begin as soon as you finish this report. If you've ever thought that a competitive edge is what you need in today's tight-money, cash poor, changing economy, these strategies will provide the advantage you've always hoped for.

These techniques are our nation's best-kept, most jealously guarded business secret. Never formally taught in top business schools or prestigious universities, they're regularly used by our country's wealthiest, shrewdest business moguls to make more money in a year than most people make in a lifetime. ( As you will soon see.)

Once you know and understand them, you too can begin using them without any risk or without sacrificing a nickel of your existing cash sales! And what are these powerful techniques that will enable you to accomplish such herculean financial achievements?

No Matter What Business You're In,
Barter Is A Powerful Money-Making Strategy

Over twenty-five years ago I discovered these high-powered money-making techniques.

At age 32, after eleven years of playing professional baseball, I began importing products from Taiwan and India which I sold by mail to schools across the country. To increase my profits and lower my costs I printed a few extra pages in my catalog, and sold advertising to non-competing companies.

In A 5-Minute Phone Call I Cut My Cost By 80%...
And Then Paid For The Purchase Without Using
A Penny Of Cash!! Here's How!

One of the potential advertisers I talked to was the marketing director of a large fund-raising company. He wanted a page of advertising, and as payment offered me a 160,000-name mailing list...which I had previously been buying from a list broker for $5,600.

In a single stroke I sold the page of advertising and decreased my out-of-pocket costs for a needed purchase—the mailing list. I saw how $1,000 (my cost to print an extra page) could be turned into $4,600 more cash in hand—by simply changing the method of one page of advertising for his mailing list.

My prior stock market investments and real estate ventures paled in comparison to this staggering immediate 460% return! The experience occurred in a matter of minutes, but significantly changed the direction of my business efforts. Because I suddenly realized the key to rapidly building wealth is using what you now have to get what you want.

What do you have—exactly what are your assets? (Circle them now.) They will be the basis for your trading efforts, and my program will show you the way.


Tangible Assets
your company's products or services
raw materials
capital equipment
real estate (improved & unimproved)
leases, notes & TD's, bonds
144 stock, options, due bills
scrip, trade exchange credits
cars, yachts, airplanes,

your inheritance
distribution (database, customer mailing list)
copyrights, patents, trademarks
collectibles (art, coins, stamps, guns, etc.)
gems, jewelry
other __________________

Intangible Assets
financial statement
ideas/concepts time
awareness, energy, dreams
desire, beliefs, enthusiasm
drive, ambition

unique background
information, influence
skills and talents

From This Day Forward You Have All The
Purchasing Power You'll Ever Need!

Barter is a phenomenal opportunity because it makes what seems impossible, POSSIBLE! It's an empowering tool that enables you to do things that you normally can't do if you're short of cash...or if you don't have a line of credit at the bank. It's a dynamic "vehicle" you can immediately use to acquire an almost limitless amount of goods and services, so you're no longer dependent upon cash the way you used to be.

I Was Amazed To Learn How Anyone Can Legally
Create Their Own "Money"
In Any Amount!

Soon after my first barter experience, a master trader (Windjammer Barefoot Cruises) showed me an astoundingly simple, yet 100% legal, way to create almost unlimited purchasing power and expansion of wealth.

Captain Mike Burke began his Windjammer barefoot cruise business with one "yacht"—a 14-foot ketch—and a dream. The dream was to bring the windjammin' experience to as many other people as possible. Through barter he leveraged his sailboat into the largest fleet of tall ships in the world—seven proud ladies of the high seas!

He used what he had, to get what he wanted. He traded unsold cabin space on his boat for advertising in magazines that brought him cash customers. His operation was very impressive, and I confidently accepted his Windjammer scrip in exchange for advertising in my publication.

He created his own negotiable currency—Windjammer scrip. (The holder of the scrip was entitled to take a week-long cruise.) This was the scrip he traded to magazines for valuable advertising space, thereby parlaying the vacant cabin space into the fleet of seven!

His success was almost magical. Burke dramatically expanded his purchasing power on his own. He was in complete control, limited only by his drive and ambition! There was no need to get money from a banker...where his credit and financial statement would be pledging of assets "as security" was necessary...and no paying interest on a loan.

Creating scrip is legal and even tax-deductible, as long as you follow IRS rules and document your business-related purchases properly. Regardless of what you do, you can issue "company money" to further your business efforts.

In my program I will provide you with all you need to get started with a "company money" program using scrip—just like Mike Burke did. I'll show you everything step-by-step...what to do and how to do it. Then you will be ready to issue and control your own currency, to use immediately to generate greater purchasing power, and to buy goods and services on far better terms than you ever can with cash. Your "cost" is based on just the cost of supplying your product or service backed by your company money...the scrip you print.

And until the scrip is presented to you (redeemable by the recipient) you haven't paid out one cent—even though much earlier, when the deal was made, you acquired something your company really needed.

Plus, some 25% of the time the scrip certificates you issue expire or are never used. In either case you profit even more! Using scrip is 100% legal and tax-deductible when used for business-related expenses. You'll get the complete full details on this incredible technique in my program.

You'll learn about one imaginative industry that has already issued over $60 billion of their own currency... like a rocket, it launched them skyward, to all-time high record earnings!!

Barter Is The Way
To Finance Rapid Growth And Increase Your Wealth
Because You Buy Without Spending Any Cash—
Plus There's No Need To Borrow Or Pay Interest!

Getting several spectacular Windjammer cruises at my barter "cost" (25% of the cash price) gave me the opportunity to use them to increase my business. I gave them to my customers as prizes to help increase sales. The prizes, these spectacular sun-drenched Windjammer Barefoot Caribbean Cruises, brought me profits that were many times the cost of the ad I traded.

We provided cruises aboard the 282' Fantome. A magnificent 7-sail ship that was originally built for the Duke of Westminster and later owned by the Guinness Brewery family, before being purchased by Onassis as a wedding gift to Princess Grace and Prince Rainier.

After a breath-taking cruise, teachers wrote us glowing testimonial letters and sent photos which were prominently displayed in our catalogs—bringing us tremendous goodwill. Our sales continued to increase as more teachers placed orders to be eligible for the next drawing!

Dozens of retailers traded their products to me for advertising space in my publication. They generated hard cash from sales made using ads for which they paid no cash! In addition, many of them shrewdly collected cash (co-op advertising reimbursement payments) from the manufacturers who produced the products they sold in my publication.

I traded direct with companies of every size and description...from manufacturers of hard goods like furniture, computers and cosmetic companies and clothiers...from mail order companies, wineries, publishers, hotel and resort and cruise ship brokers who handled products for Fortune 500 companies. I picked up real estate and stock (ownership) in new companies as well.

Since that day twenty-five years ago I've made many such trades. I built my business faster, and with less cash, because I routinely used what I had (my product) to get what I wanted.

I will show you how and where to get advertising in exchange for your products and to collect cash co-op advertising payments from your suppliers. (There are over 6,000 sources for co-op advertising funds in the U.S.) Plus I'll show you a little known barter strategy that increases foot traffic dramatically...25% to 50%...often within a week.

Here's Just a Glimpse of What Else You'll Find in Bob Meyer's Powerful Wealth Building Barter Program:

  • How to begin where you are right now. Establish your "hard" and "soft" values. How to build a barter inventory and then ascertain your exact barter costs. How to formulate your entire barter strategy, set your goals, and confidently achieve them.
  • How to lower your overhead and operating costs... plus creative trading advice, tips, and step-by-step suggestions for tradesmen, and professionals—doctors, dentists, CPAs, lawyers, etc.
  • How a smart entrepreneurial retailer can use barter against the entry of an "800-pound retail gorilla" in your marketplace. Six powerful tactics to successfully compete against the giants.
  • See how barter played a major role in the construction of a spectacular million-dollar mansion. A 7,800 square-foot, three-level classic Palladian-style, eight-fireplace lakefront villa in Michigan that was built on barter! The owner traded for demolition of the older cottage prior to construction. Then bartered for the architectural plans, excavation of the basement, rough carpentry and finishes too, plus even 2,500 square-feet of top-grade Italian marble. We give you the name of the barter company that the owner worked with.
  • Where and how to secure interest-free, five-figure, non-secured business loans in a matter of hours.
  • How to buy a needed product for $350 that your competitors pay full tab—$8,000—to obtain. (You're buying it at less than 5¢ on the dollar!) Almost every company in America can (and should) make this purchase. Yet less than one in 50,000 does so in this manner, because they don't know how. Although the huge gain may sound risky, it's one of the soundest moves you'll ever make since there's no financing or borrowing necessary—instead you're using what you have to get what you want.
  • How to set-up trade partnerships with your current suppliers and vendors so both of you will benefit and save thousands in cash.
  • A simple super-conservative move you can immediately make that takes a minimum amount of cash flow (just another $80 a month) and invests it for a super-safe return of $165,000 in ten years.
  • How to quickly set up long-term "trading alliances" which will supply you with needed goods and services on a continuous basis.
  • Case histories of how high-profile companies use barter to accumulate vast amounts of needed products and services...thereby greatly improving their net profits.
  • Typical commissions paid when working through trade exchanges, barter brokers, corporate barter companies. Plus how to quickly build your awareness, so you can confidently trade with them.
  • Nine different barter strategies you can immediately use to leverage your employees' productivity.
  • How to handle your barter transactions for tax deductibility. Advice from the authorities—top CPAs and a former FASB (Financial Accounting Standard Board) member—will show you the exact, easy way to comply with all regulations.
  • You get checklists, diagrams, charts, photos and examples. All these will help you make your trading efforts "fail safe" and extremely profitable.

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A Huge New Market Awaits Your Business...
You Can Generate $50,000, $100,000, $500,000 Or More In
Totally New Sales Through Computerized Barter Networks!

Imagine a situation where every time you spend a dollar on a business purchase you are guaranteed a dollar back in new business! That's exactly how more than 350,000 U.S. companies now operate—profitably trading billions of dollars worth of products and services.

They do so through formal organizations known as barter networks or trade exchanges. (A trade exchange acts as a clearinghouse to match buyers and sellers, and also as a bank to track each transaction.)

The federal government gave trade exchanges the "stamp-of-approval" through the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, which recognized them as third-party record keepers of financial information, the same as banks and stockbrokers.

Why are so many companies happy, even eager, to trade? Because they have a surplus of goods and services, and a shortage of cash—just like you. Plus they need what you have! For many, it's the only way they can easily generate substantial additional business.

Through our nation's trade exchanges it's possible to gain exposure to tens of thousands of potential clients. And many times, you'll find the by-product of all this new barter business (because everyone you deal with has friends and business associates) is cash referral business...a great side benefit!

Huge future sales are waiting for you. Possible, because as a member of a trade exchange you get free advertising in annual trade directories and free monthly statement stuffers (your company's fliers are sent to every member). Plus many exchanges offer a free, weekly e-mail and broadcast fax-service as well. These e-mails and faxes always announce the latest cruises and other travel accommodations available to exchange members, in addition to other listings.

Another sales conduit is a yearly barter expo. In Southern California a one-day affair held at the county fair grounds will see member/vendors earning $30,000 to $40,000 in trade dollars during an eight-hour effort.

Savvy entrepreneurs often belong to several exchanges to maximize their sales opportunities. The largest privately held company in central Florida, for example, belongs to 12 trade exchanges and does $2 million in trade business annually. (Complete details on this company's barter activities are included in our program.)

The bottom line, when you are a member of a trade exchange, is that you can purchase almost anything you want without paying cash. You pay for your purchases with the promise to provide your products or services at full retail value. These new sales are the proven way to build your customer base, and solidly expand your operation in these times of tumultuous economic change.

The Trade Exchange Guarantees You New Distribution
And Increased Cash Flow

Every trade you make through the trade exchange is new additional business, and you don't give up a single penny of your cash business. These new sales dramatically increase your cash flow because all your purchases are done with "trade dollars" instead of cash. The average business person operating on a cash-only basis, finds it almost impossible to believe that he can pay so many of his bills with his products or services using a trade exchange.

For instance your typical month-to-month fixed expenses that could be covered on trade would include: office rent, paging and answering service, janitorial service, accounting/bookkeeping, equipment purchase and rental, maintenance contracts (building and office equipment), landscape maintenance, security system, coffee service, bottled water, payroll services, secretarial service, pest control, message-on-hold service, to name a few.

Periodic expenses that can be obtained on trade include: travel expenses (accommodations, meals), staff incentives/bonuses (vacations, restaurant scrip, entertainment, event tickets), printing, graphics, advertising and promotion, computer programming and repairs, financial planning, medical reimbursement plans, carpet cleaning, building repairs (roofing, painting), parking lot repairs, customer gifts, auto repairs, banners, signs, flags, and products for your personal needs.

Every time you acquire any of these goods or services without spending cash, you increase your cash flow...a critical factor in business. Using barter instead of cash makes it easier to operate...and removes a lot of the day-to-day pressure.

Ask anyone who's operating a successful company and they'll tell you there are only two critical factors to running a business. First, you must price your product so you make a profit. But sales and receivables aren't enough. Secondly, you must continually generate a lot of "on-going" cash (keep the cash flowing), so you can pay your bills and other obligations in a timely manner.

You will be amazed at the immediate increased cash-flow when you use the tactics and strategies that are fully explained in my barter program.

Bob Meyer's Powerful Wealth-Building Barter Program Includes:

  • How to structure your company's bartering operations through a trade exchange so you can make greater profits. (Includes comprehensive checklist.)
  • How to use barter in a contract negotiation to increase your company's market penetration.
  • How to trade your way out of debt.
  • A powerful proven technique, plus a letter, to use when working with new suppliers. It will increase your cash-flow by thousands of dollars. I'll tell you about one company that uses it with 70 different vendors. They do over $1 million a year in savings through this one technique alone!
  • The most important and valuable person in a trade exchange. It's not who you think it is—but you'll want to develop a real rapport here!
  • A quick three-minute exercise that makes every marketing dollar do the work of seven.
  • Where the biggest trade exchanges in the country are located. And the fastest way to get your product/service moved into these exchanges.
  • Typically, what percentage of a company's gross business should be done on barter. How to analyze with complete accuracy exactly what your company should be doing a year in barter.
  • How a Mid-Western couple used barter to acquire the home of their dreams by covering their closing costs, the real estate commission and the down payment, as well as a 2nd mortgage—all on trade. Then they completely renovated it on barter working with 120 different contractors and furnishing companies...all members of a trade exchange. All of the suppliers names are listed, plus the barter company that assisted in the entire effort.
  • Where the best deals within a trade exchange are found.
  • Twenty specific barter strategies to follow which will increase your business income by a minimum of $100,000 a year.
  • An in-depth look at the mystique and the reality about ratio trading and sequential trading.
  • Three points you must check on when sizing up a trade exchange to do business with. Only these three items reveal the "wealth" of the exchange.
  • How to travel to exotic foreign countries, paying for your trip through local trade exchanges. (See the list of foreign countries in our directory that have trade exchanges which inter-trade with American trade exchanges.)
  • House and apartment vacation trading—the "who, what and how-to's."

You Can Cover Your Marketing And
Expansion Costs On Trade

Growing successful businesses often do a great deal of local direct-mail advertising. (Companies that are struggling can't afford to do so.) Now, regardless of your tight cash-flow, you can too! Because through a trade exchange you can trade for printing (flyers, envelopes, etc.), mailing lists, letter-shop services, color separations, copy-writing and layout services.

You cover these expenses by spending the trade dollars you've earned from barter sales (of your products/services) to other members of the trade exchange. Many exchanges also offer consumer and business-to-business mailing paks where your "insert" rides along with 15 or 20 other offers.

Fred G., a friend of 15 years, is like most service business owners...he's not busy 100% of the time. And when he isn't, rather than sitting idle, he barters with members of a trade exchange earning trade dollars that he can use in a hundred different stores, restaurants or supply houses.

Recently he traded his services for improvements on new office space. And saved himself $60,000 when he took advantage of an option on a 5-year lease, by choosing unimproved quarters at 50¢-a-foot rather than leasing fully-improved space at $1-a-foot. Then he traded for the improvements-carpeting, partitions and shelving, dropped ceilings, painting, wiring and reinforced plumbing.

Everything was paid for with trade dollars that cost him only his time, saving him 80% on the cost of the improvements. He received full retail value in return for the work he did on trade, in what would have been down time. And when moving day came he relocated, to his new 2,000 square-foot quarters, using a mover who was a member of the trade exchange.

Like many small business owners who are "cash tight," Fred could not afford the immediate cash outlay to make the $13,000 in improvements. And without barter he would have had to pay double the monthly rent for the fully-improved quarters. Instead, he saved $60,000 on the lease by bartering his "empty time" which more than paid for the improvements.

In another situation, a Mid-Western fine arts company started out trading prints and paintings directly to contractors and vendors, to pay for services rendered. Then, for even faster growth, they expanded their trading efforts through the trade exchange marketplace.

In a single year they earned over $1 million in trade dollars which were used to help open 26 new locations...spending trade dollars for local and national advertising, electrical and carpentry remodeling work, 4-color printing, flowers and wine for showings and new openings, as well as travel, hotel and restaurant expenses in the new locations.

Now You Can Eliminate Your Number One Problem—
Lack Of Capital—FOREVER!

The number one reason for business failure is lack of capital—not lack of energy, effort, or intelligence. In fact, as a nation we're more ambitious than ever. Last year an astounding 800,000 new companies were started. This compares to the 75,000 a year that were established back in the 1960s.

If you're like the average business owner, you started with approximately $10,000 and high hopes. You've relied on the sweat of your brow and some high-interest credit cards, a second mortgage against your home, or possibly some assistance from your family to get going. Typically, you're struggling with tight cash-flow while having a hard time building adequate cash reserves.

Banks have been virtually no help at all to you. The Small Business Administration reports that entrepreneurially-led small businesses have access to just 9% of the credit available to U.S. companies.

Plus, because things were so tight right from the start and cash was at such a premium, you've been under pressure to make every action justify its existence. Not having an unlimited checkbook means you've continually competed primarily by cutting your prices "to the bone"—making it even tougher on yourself.

Ironically, you and every other hard-working business owner already has an abundance of capital on hand—it's your "private capital"—your products or services. You've just never thought of it in this manner, or knew the exact way to go about harnessing your "private capital" to build your business.

Now, with this report in hand you have a choice. You will see the way to add greater flexibility, profitability and excitement to your life and business efforts. You can begin using these new techniques and strategies to create enormous avenues of distribution, generate explosive sales, and build greater purchasing power for yourself-because it costs you very little "extra" to some cases almost nothing.

And every time you barter you're able to acquire something you need without spending cash. (The cash you'd normally spend now stays in your pocket!) Best of all, this additional new barter business never disturbs your on-going cash business. It's a potent technique that elevates you to a higher level because...

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Barter Enables You To Harness The Power
Of Your Company's "Private Capital"
For Greater Cash Flow And Increased Wealth

You can trade "direct" through personal contacts and dozens of business friends, in addition to the newly-built alliances which my program will show you how to quickly develop.

Then you can expand your horizons through "indirect" trades with hundreds of other companies, by working through trade exchanges and other middlemen. In addition you can create extra buying power by simply issuing your own "company money" for multiple trading purposes. Isn't that far better than having to wait for your bank account to slowly grow before you can acquire your business needs?

Regardless of how you choose to start trading, you will get goods and services at a lower cost (and on far better terms) than you ever can with cash. Structure a deal in the proper way and there's little downside risk, because you don't pledge assets or make personal guarantees on your transactions.

Furthermore, when you work through a trade exchange, there's no need for you to deal with onerous credit approvals and interest expenses, since all your barter purchases are automatically approved and entirely interest-free.

And the most exciting part of using this money-making strategy is that there is no ceiling on how high you can a minute you'll see what I mean. You're limited only by your vision, drive and ambition to create more wealth...

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Program II Corporate Barter—Big Money For Big Hitter's

Our definition of corporate barter is any sizable trade, $100,000 or more, done without cash, by companies who do more than $10 million in annual sales. (About 3% of our nation's 21 million companies.) Here are some examples...

  • Let's Make A Deal!
    When Delford Smith, President of Evergreen International, a salvage company, got the news a barge was sinking on the Columbia River, he quickly arranged a barter deal with the company that insured the merchandise on the barge. Then dispatched his helicopters to the scene where he'd be paid, not the usual hourly rate, but half the value of the merchandise he could rescue!

  • Use What You Have To Get What You Want!
    Thirty-seven-year-old Lisa Gaye Shearing astutely traded on the fact that her gender could be a tremendous help to a start-up company that wanted to get in on a special government FCC auction. (Minority-owned businesses were able to get huge discounts on licenses.) She acquired a 50.1% ownership in the new company, without having to put up one cent of the $53 million bid for the licenses available to her minority-owned firm.

  • Vastly Expand Your Advertising Budget Without Using Cash!
    Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is the owner of a trendy restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. He bartered his appearance in national TV ads for Visa, receiving in return millions of dollars worth of exposure through the commercials. There, he exclaimed, "At Spago's we no longer accept the American Express Card."

  • The Opportunities Are Everywhere!
    To work off huge stockpiles of cheese in the '80s, the Department of Agriculture gave the cheese to our nation's schools. Marvin Schwan, an astute billionaire who started with a one-truck ice cream business, saw the surplus cheese held by schools as an opportunity. He soon won hundreds of school-lunch pizza contracts by bartering pizzas to the schools in exchange for their government cheese allotments—a key ingredient used in his pizza business.

    Later there was a government flour surplus. Schwan quickly set up a pasta company and contracted to sell discounted pasta entrees to schools in exchange for government flour credits.

  • You Can Orchestrate Exciting Transactions!
    Another enterprising entrepreneur arranged the exchange of 500 Fujitsu laser printers for 1.7 million units of military ready-to-eat (RTE) meals. (The RTEs were surplus from the Persian Gulf conflict.) Then he turned around and sold the meals to relief agencies for immediate use in hurricane-ravaged Florida and Hawaii.

If you are starting to get excited, if these stories have your creative juices flowing, if you have an understanding of the vast opportunities our changing economy creates, then you probably already see that barter offers you the greatest profit potential available anywhere.

"In Business You Never Get Something For Nothing...
But Barter Arrangements Come Close Enough"

Mark McCormack made the above observation in his national best-seller, What They Still Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School. Although McCormack is better known for his book (and being Arnold Palmer's agent) he wisely used barter to build his company, the International Management Group, into a worldwide organization that does $1 billion a year in business. An enormous accomplishment for the agile-minded young attorney who started with $500 in seed money.

McCormack's not bashful about his barter was one of the tools he used to build his empire, "I'm convinced that most companies don't maximize their barter possibilities. Instead of aggressively reducing costs by trading their services for those of their suppliers, they seem content to pay top dollar for everything. Any business organization, whether it deals in hard goods or intangibles, can increase its barter activities. Executives in our organization are not timid or embarrassed about barter."

Does this give you any imaginative ideas of ways you could use barter in your business? Although McCormack was ahead of most in his barter focus and inventiveness, that's rapidly changing. Today the awareness and use of barter is in much greater evidence than when he authored the book a dozen years ago.

In our program we'll provide you with an in-depth survey from the CFO's (Chief Financial Officers) of America's largest corporations—the Fortune 500. It shows you the staggering amount of barter these giants are now doing...the five specific ways they do it, and why they're trading so much more today than ever before. Michigan State University sponsored this survey and it confirms the millions in added profits that barter brings to these well-known corporations' bottom line. It shows that. . .

"Corporate Barter" Is A Versatile Tool Larger Companies Use
To Gain A Major Competitive Edge
In Today's Crowded, Dynamic Marketplace

Typically, the larger a company is, the tougher it is for them to reach their projected growth targets. Most are under enormous pressures to perform. Corporations making up the Standard and Poor's 500, for example, experienced a pitiful 1.4% annual growth rate for the decade 1984-1994.

The new economy has dramatically changed the game for large corporations. Deregulation, corporate cut-backs, leveraged buy-outs plus an onslaught of foreign competition and the lightning-fast technological changes spell trouble or at the very least a constant adjustment. For instance, consider the huge number of new product introductions, as well as new models and packaging changes that are coming on stream-ten times faster than in the 1970s.

One thousand new products are now introduced monthly, and it's not likely to slow down because technology is accelerating at a staggering pace. Product life cycles are now measured in months rather than years. Some products are actually becoming obsolete as they are being shipped, especially in the high-tech and computer industries.

Other forces at work that increase the pressure to perform include product over-runs, discontinued lines, sales cancellations, inaccurate sales projections, and the inevitable recessions we have no control over.

As changes occur—when your products can no longer help the bottomline but become a burden-they must be retired, mothballed, written-down, liquidated or ideally made to perform once again, i.e. getting a "second life," which enables you to recapture your capital investment. Here's what I mean...

Trade Your Excess Inventory For The Top Price Possible—Even
Though Others Offer You Only 10¢ Or 15¢ On The Dollar

When Playtex International wanted to clear its shelves of a product (Jhirmack shampoo) it no longer manufactured to make way for the introduction of a new product, they looked at all their options. Then chose to work with a barter company, trading all $20 million of the excess stock at full wholesale price, because it promised a huge stream of profits...far greater than any other offers elsewhere.

The chief financial officer not only received a top price for the shampoo in the form of media credits, he avoided having to take a "write-down" on the old inventory. Then Playtex immediately used the credits to buy advertising for their many other products.

The bottom line: Playtex instantly saved themselves millions of dollars by "recycling" the dead product through a corporate barter deal. Jhirmack shampoo had performed once again...which enabled Playtex to recapture their investment.

How To Profitably Move Your Corporate Real Estate When The
Value Has Dropped To Less Than Your Cost

In the 1980s our nation's commercial real estate space literally doubled in a single decade. In other words, we duplicated the total amount of space that previously took us 197 years to build! Market adjustments quickly followed and prices dropped dramatically.

Salomon Brothers Real Estate says it'll be another nine years before the supply of vacant office space is absorbed in our nation's 50 largest cities, as we emerge from the greatest real estate "write-down" in history.

Of course that's assuming a normal recovery, which certainly isn't guaranteed given today's down-sizing by Corporate America. It's very possible that more office space will be put on the market as fewer workers need to commute to their cubicles in high-rise office buildings. Laptops and computers in the home are rapidly changing the way we work.

Many corporations are now holding on to real estate assets that they should get rid of. If they go the traditional route, and try to cash-out at today's prices, many times they face huge loses. But there's a solution...a better way to move your property, and our program shows you how to turn your "problem" real estate into other "needed" assets. You'll see how truly innovative "win-win" real estate transactions are structured on a level comparable to the most sophisticated investment banking techniques...brilliant arrangements that create an enormous upside for your company's balance sheet!

These Four Transactions Are Examined To Show You The Way

  • Waste Management Corp. owned a multi-tenant office building in San Francisco that was "hammered" in the downturn. It had a market value equal to only a fraction (25%) of its book value. Yet through an impressive barter transaction WMC was able to remarkably recoup a full 100% of its $25 million net book value.

  • Long John Silver Inc. moved surplus restaurants in Jacksonville (FL) and Lexington (KY) in the same unique manner.

  • The STP division of First Brands traded a property in Atlanta where a market value represented 21% of net book value by using a similar technique.

  • Plus you'll see how the amazing $548 million trade of a 53-story office tower in New York City was consummated. (This block-buster of a trade even excited the staid brain-trusts of a major pension fund!)

Our program shows you how a typical corporate-barter real estate transaction looks...which corporate barter companies are most experienced in providing this unusual service...the time it normally takes to do such a deal, as well as the variables involved when title is delivered to satisfy the accounting and auditing'll learn how your company can begin to spend trade credits even prior to the closing. How the value of the real estate is transactions are designed to create full value liquidity for you (the seller), so you can avoid the massive write-down on your assets.

Solve Other Major Financial Dilemmas
And Increase Your Buying Power As Well!

A "White Elephant" Is Turned Into A Money-Maker

Lufthansa Airlines had 2,000 square-feet of exorbitantly expensive retail space at Lexington and 59th Street in New York City, which they no longer needed.

Having signed a long-term lease through the year 2009, they were paying $250 a square foot even though comparable space was now going for about half that on the open market. Keeping it for another 16 years was the most expensive option they had.

But sub-letting the space at a lower "going rate" wasn't much better, as they'd take an enormous "hit," financially speaking. Instead, they chose a third option—corporate barter—and traded the prohibitively expensive space for advertising time and other services at the face value of the lease—$250 per square foot!

Arthur Molins, Lufthansa's general counsel, explained the brilliant move, "If we had kept or sublet the space we faced a huge loss, only through barter could we be made whole." In our program we show you exactly how this long-term barter lease was structured.

If You Can't Get Blood Out Of The Turnip-Take The Turnips

Carl Icahn, the former chairman of Trans World Airlines, was owed $190 million from TWA. When it came time to pay the debt the airline only had $100 million in the bank, and was unable to pay. Icahn, a quick-thinking billionaire, adroitly negotiated a barter transaction, along with purchasing additional tickets at a steep discount. The total deal was $610 million in face-value airline tickets. Then he promptly opened a new company, Global Discount Travel Services, and began selling the tickets at a slight discount to more than recoup his $190 million.

TWA was a winner in this barter transaction as well. They canceled their $190 million debt obligation by providing tickets at a big discount, in addition to providing the bartered seats. (Typically a plane is 65% full, so some of the 35% empty seats—which can never be sold once the plane takes off—will be used to pay off their debt and $190 million stays in the corporation.)

Recapture Your Enormous Capital Costs By Putting "Unused Capacity" To Work

James River, a paper and cosmetics manufacturer (Northern, Brawny, Vanity Fair, Dixie and Natural Touch), had an enormous investment in their new facilities, but had a good deal of unused production capacity for a new baby care product. They worked with a corporate barter company to produce more product inexpensively (at their marginal cost), which the barter company then re-marketed into Canada, Puerto Rico, and Singapore. Through barter, James River was able to expand their brand advertising efforts and increase their market share as well.

Or continue to read

Finance Rapid Growth With Your Product
Instead Of Cash

Syrup For Advertising
Barq's, a Louisiana manufacturer of root beer, had a great product, but little recognition outside of their regional market. That was before they doubled their ad budget, and increased sales, by trading root beer for advertising. Their efforts were so successful that Coca-Cola recently bought them out.

Empty Rooms For Exposure & Name Recognition
Howard Johnson Franchise Systems traded 120,000 room nights, or 5% of their capacity, in return for advertising. Since their average hotel has a 65-67% occupancy, they always had some vacant rooms... and their only trading cost was "changing the sheets." Such barter financing of advertising is an inexpensive way to build name recognition, because of the hotelier's low marginal cost structure.

In our program we will give you the results of a survey from the 100 largest hoteliers in the U.S. and Canada. It shows how hoteliers are bartering, the ways they do it, and the enormous added profits barter brings to their operations.

Cooperative Barter Effort Brings P.R. Coup
Brazil's Tourism Board concluded a $40 million deal with an American corporate barter company for a public relations and advertising effort in the U.S. to encourage tourism in Brazil. Rio de Janiero's hotel-keepers' association participated in the transaction, as the bulk of their trade would be bartered hotel rooms.

Trading Space (Empty Seats) For 9,000 New Uniforms
Australian-based Qantas airlines recently adopted a major barter acquisition program and promptly traded airline tickets (empty seats) for 9,000 new uniforms. They followed one of the major strategies for optimal barter success. You'll see what this "key" is so you can do the same with your company's barter efforts.

Unsold Time For Equity In Emerging Growth Companies
Recently, ABC-TV formed a new unit with the express purpose of bartering its unsold time to new, young, emerging, growth companies in exchange for 5% to 20% equity stakes (stock ownership as payment for their TV time). ABC, knowing that the second-hand on the clock never stops, has adopted the profit-making mantra, "We must trade our unsold time or lose it, forever."

These seventeen examples have shown that, regardless of the situation, corporations use what they have to get what they want.

Today's Rapid Growth Of Corporate Barter
Offers You An Unprecedented Opportunity
To Work As A Middleman

The single fastest-growing segment of the barter movement in the U.S. is corporate barter. Two decades ago, with much less competition and slower technological change, it was a far different world than what we see today. Direct trading among major corporations was an afterthought and few had barter departments. There were but a handful of corporate barter companies, as well.

That's all changed...corporate barter is exploding! Major corporations are not only trading with each other, they're increasingly enlisting the services of the some 100 corporate barter companies. We'll send you their names and how to contact them.

Expansion of these barter companies resulted as former employees chose to go out on their own, after having worked for others where they learned the business. A client base is developed over time through referrals from satisfied clients, in-house telemarketing programs, a sales staff, and working with middlemen who act as finders and co-brokers.

As a middleman, you introduce a corporate barter company to company officers you know who have products or services they want to trade.

When such an introduction is made—after you've signed a contract with the corporate barter company which outlines the specifics of your agreement—and it results in a signed barter contract between your client's company and the corporate barter company, you will have earned your commission!

Earlier I mentioned the entrepreneur who earned an astounding $615,000 as a middleman. A sum you may find hard to believe... especially if you're working extremely hard for a fraction of this. But this was the actual commission earned when this individual introduced a personal friend of his—a very high-up corporate officer of a major Fortune 500 corporation having the power to OK the trade—to a corporate barter company which subsequently led to a huge barter deal.

The corporation wanted to get out of the restaurant business (one of their smaller divisions) by divesting the 41 free-standing restaurants they owned. The commission earned by the middleman was $15,000 per restaurant traded. All 41 were acquired by a barter company and so the middleman earned $615,000.

Here's What You'll Find In Bob Meyer's 207-Page
"Corporate Barter In The USA Report"

  • The five different corporate barter trading techniques.

  • The history of corporate barter trading: how it began, how it differs today, why it's a needed and viable business technique in today's fast-changing world.

  • A brilliant barter move that enabled a large grocery chain to acquire a million dollar roofing job, plus new customers.

  • The key factor for developing cooperation among stand-alone divisions within your company.

  • How a Texas company traded 9 million pounds of bricks (from an old plant) for $5 million of needed services.

  • How to work with your major vendors on a barter basis.

  • A penetrating look at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter's $16 million corporate barter program. (Includes an in-depth interview with Gary Pacific, manager of their countertrade department, explaining how corporate barter companies effectively work with Fortune 500 corporations.)

  • How to approach and work with your accounting and purchasing departments.

  • You'll see how the corporate barter industry is self-regulating itself...efforts that include the adoption of an historic Code-of-Ethics.

  • The keynote address on corporate barter's new era by Bob Meyer. (Given at the International Reciprocal Trade Association's annual convention.)

  • Trading through middlemen: a comparison in 20 different areas, between a corporate barter company and a trade exchange. (See which one to use in various situations.)

  • What price(s) your company can expect to receive for your products/services in a typical corporate barter transaction.

  • Thirteen remarketing avenues used by barter companies, which typically avoid affecting your company's normal distribution channels.

  • A checklist of the nine specific actions your company should take to get maximum effectiveness in a corporate barter deal.

  • Sample of a typical contract. Plus a look at a $500,000 transaction with complete step-by-step spend-down of trade credits, showing you how the corporate barter contract actually works.

  • How to develop your company's "request for proposal" (RFP), and the seven elements to use in your scoring process.

  • Performance guarantees you should seek for fulfillment of the contract.

  • Case studies (actual examples) of companies who have done corporate barter deals.

  • What products/services your company can realistically expect to receive in a typical transaction...and what not to expect. (Included is a checklist for your company's use.)

  • An actual 4-page corporate barter contract. Attorney's charged $12,000 to draft this one, but it's yours FREE as a part of our one-of-a-kind program.

  • How to get your company's middle-management intricately and positively involved in your barter deal, because it "rewards" them to do so.

  • We give you the names and addresses of corporate barter companies... their top officers, phone and fax numbers. As part of our service Bob Meyer will personally make the introduction for you, if you wish.

  • You'll see how to handle your barter transactions on the books. We hired an expert CPA, as well as a former FASB (Financial Accounting Standard Board) member, to author a special report on how to handle the corporate barter accounting question. He details FASB's Task Force consensus on the accounting for barter credits (FASB 93-11). (We paid him a five-figure check for his expertise and critique on the new ruling.) It's all yours—FREE in our program.

  • How investment-recovery departments of major companies are maximizing their investment returns—up to $150 million annually—through barter and asset recovery programs. (Full details on the Investment Recovery Association are provided in our program as well.)

  • We also give you the details on how you can become an associate member of the American Countertrade Association (ACA), a prestigious organization for "major players." Corporations are literally doing billions-a-year of barter worldwide. (ACA's Executive Director Dan West and Bob Meyer have appeared on industry panels and TV shows together.)

Or continue to read

My Motivation For Sharing This Information With You
Goes Beyond Making More Money

We have covered a lot of material in a very short period of time. You can now see the immense value I'm offering you. Yes, I obviously expect to make money by selling my program to you, but my reason for doing so goes beyond that. Remember earlier when I told you about my first barter experience—trading a page of advertising for a mailing list which enabled me to instantly pocket $4,600 in a few minutes?

Immediately after that first trade my next thought was "How can I do this again...and again...and again?!" I wanted to learn it all-every technique, strategy and tactic I could use for myself. It was the beginning of a relentless search.

I combed the country for contacts, because to be a player in the Barter Game you need to know the other important players. Not only those companies that will trade their products/services (there's billions-of-dollars worth of inventories in the marketplace), but the brokers, the middlemen, the trade exchanges and corporate barter companies too.

It wasn't long before it dawned on me that the more barter was understood and used, the better it would be for everyone. But back then, some twenty-five years ago, there was no centralized forum where one could get such information. There was no BarterNews magazine, nor a directory that listed the names and addresses of these valuable barter contacts here in the U.S. as well as worldwide.

After talking with thousands of business owners...and cementing relationships with hundreds of like-minded traders, I moved forward. And in 1980 I began publishing BarterNews, explaining these business strategies. Thousands of companies are now using these principles. But the surface has really just been scratched—remember there are 21 million companies of every size and description in our country.

I believe that every business in the U.S. can and should be bartering a percentage of their products and services. When they do, and this is the most exciting aspect of sharing this information, everyone benefits. Because the more products and services available on barter in the marketplace, the more value you and I and every other trader will get. In other words, as the circle widens, the expansion of goods and services benefits everyone! The enormous growth I've witnessed over the last two decades absolutely confirms my belief.

You Can Begin On Any Level...The Opportunities Are Everywhere!

The benefits of barter are now surely obvious to you. However, if you don't have your own business, or much money for that matter, you can still use barter to make your mark. Look into the full or part time opportunities of becoming a barter broker or "middleman." You can earn big commissions for your services, or take a handsome share of the deals you put together. Or you could become a marketmaker, by buying and selling various barter trade credits and "scrip currency."

You could choose to find some financial backers and get into the barter business by opening a trade exchange. Or if you have important corporate contacts, you can earn lucrative "finder's fees" as a middleman, by making specific introductions. (Just a moment ago I told you about a man who did just that, and earned a staggering $615,000 on a single deal!)

Opportunities are really everywhere as companies downsize and focus on staying lean and mean in today's competitive marketplace. Regardless of a company's size, there's never enough sales or too many cash reserves. And there's almost always a surplus of goods and services, everywhere.

Barter represents a tremendous opportunity for you and your business. It is the fastest and easiest way your company can increase its sales, expand its wealth, and solidly leverage its customer base. So, regardless of where you are right now, I invite you into the circle. Get involved by ordering my program today. As soon as I hear from you, I'll get the entire program in the mail to you.

Then, if you have any questions call me. Part of my service to you is free consultation...and I look forward to working with you after you've studied all of the materials.

I've done my best to explain an unusual opportunity to you. And I've given you more than enough information to make a positive decision to get started now with this powerful program. However, if you think (after reading it over), that it's not everything I've said it is, just tell me. I'll refund your payment 100%, no questions asked.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


Bob Meyer

Here's How To Take Advantage Of Bob Meyer's Amazing
Wealth Building Barter Program At Absolutely No Risk To You!

Program I:

The Basics of Barter-What You Need to Know To Make Money In Barter

This program is for the entrepreneurial business owner and sincere opportunity seeker who wants to master the ultimate money-making strategy. Armed with this knowledge you can eliminate your No. 1 problem—lack of capital—FOREVER! You get all this!

  • Bob Meyer's Fabulous Wealth Building Barter Program.
    (Seventeen years in the making, our "FastStart" book provides you with all the information and direction you'll need to get started FAST! This 230-page, 8.5" x 11" masterpiece provides you with specific, step-by-step guidance...start trading fast on solid footing. You'll learn how to create and then profitably use your company's own "currency," plus how to rapidly build your company's name and reputation in your local market without using cash.)
  • Personal Consultation With Bob Meyer-for one full year.
    (Plug into Meyer's 25 years of barter experience and exclusive network of highly-placed barter contacts in the U.S. and throughout the world. Brainstorm, network, form joint ventures, and learn from one of the brightest in the business. He will help you with your individual situation—solve problems, answer questions, point out opportunities.)

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Program II:

Corporate Barter-Big Money For Big Hitters

Our changing economy is creating vast opportunities. Corporate barter is a little-known technique you can use immediately to gain a major competitive edge in today's crowded, dynamic marketplace. It offers you the greatest profit potential available anywhere!

  • Corporate Barter In The U.S.A.
    (BarterNews' exclusive 207-page authoritative publication on corporate barter trading. This powerful, never-before published information shows you how to move excess or underutilized inventories. Included is a complete 4-page barter contract that cost $12,000 to draft. Plus, heretofore never revealed ways you can use to earn big finder's fees and huge middleman commissions.)

  • Million Dollar Real Estate Deals.
    (See how "win-win" corporate barter real estate transactions are structured—brilliant arrangements that create enormous upside value for your company's balance sheet.)

  • One Year Unlimited Consultation.
    (Get the answers to any questions you have regarding the methods and techniques used in corporate barter…get help with any deal too big (or complex or expensive) to transact on your own…get introductions to key corporate barter company executives. All this personal consultation is yours when you order this valuable Program II.)
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Program I & II: $496.00 - Order Now

Here's What Others Say About Bob Meyer And BarterNews Magazine
(These unsolicited letters are in our corporate files.)

A rare resource of information...
The materials that we purchased from BarterNews have been a great help! They were well worth the small investment required. The information contained within the current and back issues of BarterNews is rare and resourceful, indeed. In fact, after much research we were unable to find any meaningful periodicals on the barter industry, until we found out about BarterNews.

I especially appreciate the time you took to discuss our trade endeavors and the counsel you provided. I'm sure that it is this type of "over and above" service which has afforded your magazine the reputation and growth it has achieved.

Very rarely do I write unsolicited letters of recommendation. However, it is very refreshing to receive competent, quality service in today's market. For this I thank you and wish you continued success.
David Looney, OPRC
Executive Vice President
Tar Heel Roofing, Inc.

The only periodical that covers it all...
BarterNews is the only periodical that covers (or reports on) countertrade, offsets, corporate barter and trade exchanges. As the world economies develop, they are all in search of technology, hard currency presentation, market information and the moving of products. This is what countertrade and barter is all about. Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews, has the ability to take history and apply it to a clouded crystal ball and make it clear.
Dan West
Executive Director
American Countertrade Association
(Mr. West spent eleven years as the Director of Countertrade for Monsanto Corporation. During his tenure, Monsanto's countertrade volume averaged $120 million a year. He was one of the founders of the American Countertrade Association, now the leading professional countertrade society in the world.)

My discussion with Bob Meyer was more helpful than anything else I've done...
Thank you so very much for the time you devoted to our conversation this day. Having the opportunity to discuss my interest in barter/trade with you was more helpful than anything that I've read or researched so far.

I share your enthusiasm for the industry and I believe that BarterNews has more than paid its dues with tenacity in establishing, contributing, and maintaining a very professional level of topical and educational information to all of us.
Skip Piper
Media Consultancy

Contacts in the magazine are a valuable resource...
I wish to thank you for all the help that you and BarterNews have given me. Just reading one issue was well worth the annual subscription price. Using the magazine I was able to make contacts with several individuals and organizations that are proving a valuable resource for our firm.
On a personal level I want to extend my deepest appreciation to you for taking the time to make the many introductions.
Harry Weisbart
The Radio Mall

Help, support, and suggestions are included...
I just wanted to thank you for your recent packet, including a letter of introduction and some suggestions as to how I might proceed.
Since receiving the information, I have had appointments with some people in San Francisco (e.g.. Chevron) and Long Beach (e.g.. British Petroleum). And will be discussing different possibilities with some of my former clients during a business trip to New York next week.
I very much appreciate your continued support and suggestions. I shall certainly keep you abreast of any developments.
Jerry R. Polansky. Esq.

Bob Meyer is one of the stalwarts of the barter business...
Thanks for your cooperation on the magazine. I have always been aware that you, above all people, are one of the stalwarts of the barter business.

You believe as I did. And that, in conjunction with your enthusiasm and integrity, has made you not only special but essential to the growth of the barter business.
"Mac" McConnell
M.J. McConnell Enterprizes
(Mr. McConnell was the founder of the trade exchange concept in 1960. Today his idea sees 350,000 businesses trading billions annually in goods and services through the nation's 500 trade exchanges.)

Information provided by an expert...
Just a note to thank you for the recent issues of BarterNews. You can really pack a lot of information into eighty pages. It's no wonder I only get Les's copies with coffee spills on the pages and food crumbs in the binding.

We look forward to seeing you next month. It's always interesting to kick some of these ideas around with people who actually know what they're talking about.
Thanks again.
Robert N. Kurrasch
Financial Interchange Group, Inc.

The one person who knows the most about all phases of barter...
I have just received the BarterNews publication, and want to commend you on such a professional publication. In addition, I would like to take this time and formally introduce myself as well as express my interests to you.

Through talking to many people in the "business" and being in it for just over a year, it has been brought to my attention that you are the one person who knows the most about the entire retail, corporate and countertrading business. By knowing this, my interests have been focused towards you in learning more about the business and what it will take for me to move-up through it.

It has been just over a year now since I graduated from the University of Michigan and I am now enrolled in a graduate program studying International Trade/Import-Export at U.C.L.A. I am a partner/supplier for an exporting company in Malibu, and therefore have a "hands-on" experience with exporting.

As you can see, it has been a very busy and exciting year for me. I have only made one small step in achieving my future goals, and have a lot more to learn. If possible, I would like to ask for your continued help in taking my next step. (I have included my résumé with this letter.)
Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon.
J. Scott Jewett

The present state of barter being accepted as a financial institution owes more to your dedication than anything else...
As I reflect on the past 13 years I've been involved with barter...I ended up feeling the turn-around from the "rounders & bounders" occurred when you started BarterNews. It enabled responsible operators to build up contacts.

I feel the present state of barter being accepted as a financial institution owes more to your dedication than anything else. My compliments to you! I look forward to the next decade with far more pleasure than the eighties where barter was not a generally accepted economic alternative.
John O. Madsen, Chartered Accountant
Interchange Advertising (Canada)

Your referrals and contacts have been invaluable...
I want to extend my thanks to you and your organization. The referrals and contacts our company has made through BarterNews has been invaluable.

I personally want to thank you for referring us to John Madsen. Since our formal reciprocal trade agreement, last July, our two companies have traded over $25,000. It has expanded my company across the border and helped us tremendously.

It's exciting to deal with responsible traders, and to see trade organizations working together.
Steve White
Cascade Trade Association

Former "60 Minutes" producer says it's enormously helpful...
Congratulations on your publication. BarterNews was enormously helpful to us. Enclosed is our payment, and we kindly ask that you rush us all back issues that we have missed so far.

For your July issue we submit the enclosed press release, about the services we are offering on trade, that may be of interest to many of your readers. In the future, I would like to submit an article on the use of barter in my profession--film and television production and distribution.
Again, I commend you for your work. I'm looking forward to each and every issue.
John Simmons
(Former "60 Minutes" producer Igor Oganesoff and his partner John Simmons traded the use of $5 million in top-flight film and TV production {a consortium of services and facilities} through BarterNews.)

Thanks for your help in merchandising my wares...
The following is a brief summary of my experiences as the result of my exposure in BarterNews.
1. Exchanged three, original watercolor paintings, plus limited editions of my work, as a down payment on a time-share vacation.
2. Limited editions in exchange for "over-riding royalty" on an oil lease.
3. Limited editions in exchange for various gemstones, both precious and semi-precious.
Currently, I'm negotiating for advertising space on barter for a "just off the press" reproduction of my most recent painting.
Thanks to you for your help in merchandising my wares.
Wayne Bender

The way you look at information and present it is invaluable...
When I first heard of your publication, I felt like I had found a treasure chest of information. And since receiving the magazine I am even more convinced. The information in your articles regarding business happenings in the United States and throughout the world, and the way you look at this information and write about it, I consider to be invaluable.

As president of Data Link it is a pleasure to read the diversity of articles on different industries and their successes and failures, because I believe it gives me a competitive edge over other people in the computer liquidation industry. The articles describing marketing alternatives and methods help balance my perspective of business as a whole.

Thank you for sending the articles on computer leasing. I followed up on these articles and made several valuable business contacts because of it. No transactions have taken place as yet, but there are some possibilities on the horizon.

In closing, I want to thank you for your effort and your success as the publisher and editor of BarterNews.
Paul R. Carpenter
Data Link, Inc.

Every issue sets a new standard of excellence...
Congratulations on another splendid issue of BarterNews! Each issue sets a new standard of excellence. Your editorial was, as always, right on target. And I hope it is read and taken to heart by all in our industry.

Once again, thanks for your contribution to the barter industry.
Paul E. Suplizio
Executive Director
International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA)

Program I - $298.00
Program II - $298.00
Both Programs - $496.00 (save $100!)

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  • Personal Consultation With Bob Meyer--For One Full Year
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Highlights of FastStart Corporate Barter Program II

  • Corporate Barter In The U.S.A
    BarterNews' exclusive 284-page authoritative publication on corporate barter trading. This powerful, never-before published information shows you how to move excess or underutilized inventories.

    Included is a complete 4-page barter contract that cost $12,000 to draft. Plus, heretofore never revealed ways you can use to earn big finder's fees and huge middleman commissions.

    This also includes Million Dollar "Corporate Barter" Real Estate Deals--brilliant arrangements that create enormous upside value for your company's balance sheet.

  • One Year Unlimited Consultation
    Get the answers to any questions you have regarding the methods and techniques used in corporate barter...get help with any deal too big (or complex or expensive) to transact on your own...get introductions to key corporate barter company executives.

    All this personal consultation is yours when you order this valuable Program II.
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