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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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  • The history of corporate barter trading: how it began, how it differs today, why it's a needed and viable business technique in today's fast-changing world.
  • A brilliant barter move that enabled a large grocery chain to acquire a million dollar roofing job, plus new customers.
  • The key factor for developing cooperation among stand alone divisions within your company.
  • How a Texas company traded 9 million pounds of bricks (from an old plant) for $5 million of needed services.
  • How to work with your major vendors on a barter basis.
  • A penetrating look at McDonnell Douglas Helicopter's $16 million corporate barter program. (Includes an in-depth interview with Gary Pacific, manager of their countertrade department, explaining how corporate barter companies effectively work with Fortune 500 corporations.)
  • How to approach and work with your accounting and purchasing departments.
  • You'll see how the corporate barter industry is self-regulating itself ... efforts that include the adoption of an historic Code-of-Ethics.
  • Trading through middlemen a comparison in 20 different areas, between a corporate barter company and a trade exchange. (See which one to use in various situations.)
  • What price(s) your company can expect to receive for your products/services in a typical corporate barter transaction.
  • Thirteen re-marketing avenues used by barter companies, which typically avoid affecting your company's normal distribution channels.
  • A checklist of the nine specific actions your company should take to get maximum effectiveness in a corporate barter deal.
  • Sample of a typical contract.  Plus a look at a $500,000 transaction with complete step-by-step spend-down of trade credits, showing you how the corporate barter contract actually works.
  • How to develop your company's "request for proposal" (RFP), and the seven elements to use in your scoring process.
  • Performance guarantees you should seek for fulfillment of the contract.
  • Case studies (actual examples) of companies who have done corporate barter deals.
  • What products/services your company can realistically expect to receive in a typical transaction ... and what not to expect. (Included is a checklist for your company's use.)
  • An actual 4-page corporate barter contract.  Attorney's charged $12,000 to draft this one, but it's yours FREE as a part of our one-of-a-kind program.
  • How to get your company's middle-management intricately and positively involved in your barter deal, because it "rewards" them to do so.
  • We give you the names and addresses of corporate barter companies... their top officers, phone and fax numbers.  As part of our service Bob Meyer will personally make the introduction for you, if you wish.
  • You'll see how to handle your barter transactions on the books.  We hired an expert CPA, as well as a former FASB (Financial Accounting Standard Board) member, to author a special report on how to handle the corporate barter accounting question.  He details FASB's Task Force consensus on the accounting for barter credits (FASB 93-11). (We paid him a four-figure check for his expertise and critique on the new ruling.) It's all yours—FREE in our program.