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Get All The BarterNews Back Issues--A Gigantic Library Of Bartering Information!

Use The Myriad Ideas And Scores Of Contacts In This Library To Add
Thousands More Dollars To Your Company's Bottomline

Whether you're just beginning, or a seasoned veteran doing million-dollar deals, you will find the articles, sources, and hard-to-find contacts in BarterNews invaluable.

Millions of individuals, entrepreneurial owners of smaller companies on up to the giant multinational corporations, plus even governments of countries are routinely involved in various bartering efforts every day. They do so for one reason-it's profitable!

A rare resource of information. . .
The materials that we purchased from BarterNews have been a great help! They were well worth the small investment required. The information contained within the current and back issues of BarterNews is rare and resourceful, indeed. In fact, after much research we were unable to find any meaningful periodicals on the barter industry, until we found out about BarterNews.

I especially appreciate the time you took to discuss our trade endeavors and the counsel you provided. I'm sure that it is this type of "over and above" service which has afforded your magazine the reputation and growth it has achieved.

Very rarely do I write unsolicited letters of recommendation. However, it is very refreshing to receive competent, quality service in today's markets. For this I thank you and wish you continued success.

David Looney, OPRC
Executive Vice President
Tar Heel Roofing, Inc.

Yes, we're moving into the "Golden Age of Barter" as the commercial barter industry continues to expand worldwide, building a solid infrastructure of 600,000 companies actively trading both locally and globally.

An infrastructure which will provide you with needed assistance and valuable services, regardless of your company's size or what you do.
Barter, in its many forms, is one of the world's fastest growing ways of doing business whether you're trading direct, working through trade exchanges and corporate barter companies, or taking part in countertrade.

The only periodical that covers it all. . .
BarterNews is the only periodical that covers (or reports on) countertrade, offsets, corporate barter and trade exchanges. As the world economies develop they are all in search of technology, hard currency presentation, market information and the moving of products. This is what countertrade and barter is all about. Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews, has the ability to take history and apply it to a clouded crystal ball and make it clear.

Dan West
Former Executive Director
American Countertrade Association

(Mr. West spent eleven years as the Director of Countertrade for Monsanto Corporation. During his tenure Monsanto's countertrade volume was $120 million a year. West was one of the creators of the American Countertrade Association, now the leading professional countertrade society in the world.)

Each issue, approximately 80 to 100 pages, is filled with information on how to cope with today's intense competition, rapid change and mounting debt. You'll see the ways to increase your cash flow, reduce your fixed overhead, build your business during slow periods, and use barter to keep motivated employees (with superb perks and incentives) and build your company's market value.

Former "60 Minutes" producer says it's enormously helpful. . .
Congratulations on your publication. BarterNews was enormously helpful to us. Enclosed is our payment, and we kindly ask that you rush us all back issues that we have missed so far.

For your July issue we submit the enclosed press release, about the services we are offering on trade, that may be of interest to many of your readers. In the future, I would like to submit an article on the use of barter in my profession--film and television production and distribution.

Again, I commend you for your work. I'm looking forward to each and every issue.

John Simmons

(Former "60 Minutes" producer Igor Oganesoff and his partner John Simmons traded the use of $5 million in top-flight film and TV production [a consortium of services and facilities] through BarterNews.)

When you order the back issues you will receive all 26 BarterNews issues still in print—it's the only publication of its kind in the entire world.

Information provided by an expert. . .
Just a note to thank you for the recent issues of BarterNews. You can really pack a lot of information into eighty pages. It's no wonder I only get Les's copies with coffee spills on the pages and food crumbs in the binding.

We look forward to seeing you next month. It's always interesting to kick some of these ideas around with people who actually know what they're talking about.

Thanks again.

Robert N. Kurrasch
Financial Interchange Group, Inc.

Your referrals and contacts have been invaluable. . .
I want to extend my thanks to you and your organization. The referrals and contacts our company has made through BarterNews have been invaluable.

I personally want to thank you for referring us to John Madsen. Since our formal reciprocal trade agreement, last July, our two companies have traded over $25,000. It has expanded my company across the border and helped us tremendously.

It's exciting to deal with responsible traders, and to see trade organizations working together.

Steve White

Armed with your new library of bartering information, you will be able to use and safely leverage your assets (products or services). It's a very powerful form of capitalization, enabling you to build greater wealth and financial security!

Contacts in the magazine are a valuable resource. . .
I wish to thank you for all the help that you and BarterNews have given me. Just reading one issue was well worth the annual subscription price. Using the magazine I was able to make contact with several individuals and organizations that are proving a valuable resource for our firm.

On a personal level I want to extend my deepest appreciation to you for taking the time to make the many introductions.

Harry Weisbart
The Radio Mall

The way you look at information and present it is invaluable. . .
When I first heard of your publication, I felt like I had found a treasure chest of information. And since receiving the magazine I am even more convinced. The information in your articles regarding business happenings in the United States and throughout the world, and the way you look at this information and write about it, I consider to be invaluable.

As president of Data Link it is a pleasure to read the diversity of articles on different industries and their successes and failures, because I believe it gives me a competitive edge over other people in the computer liquidation industry. The articles describing marketing alternatives and methods help balance my perspective of business as a whole.

Thank you for sending the articles on computer leasing. I followed up on these articles and made several valuable business contacts because of it. No transactions have taken place as yet, but there are some possibilities on the horizon.

In closing, I want to thank you for your effort and your success as the publisher and editor of BarterNews.

Paul R. Carpenter

Data Link, Inc.

So don't delay, get started today. All issues will be sent out via priority mail the same day we receive it.

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