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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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  • How to begin where you are right now.  Establish your "hard" and "soft" values.  How to build a barter inventory and then ascertain your exact barter costs.  How to formulate your entire barter strategy, set your goals, and confidently achieve them.
  • How to lower your overhead and operating costs... plus creative trading advice, tips, and step-by-step suggestions for tradesmen, and professionals--doctors, dentists, CPAs, lawyers, etc.
  • How a smart entrepreneurial retailer can use barter against the entry of an "800-pound retail gorilla" in your marketplace.  Six powerful tactics to successfully compete against the giants.
  • How to set-up trade partnerships with your current suppliers and vendors, so both of you will benefit and save thousands in cash.
  • How to quickly set up long-term "trading alliances" which will supply you with needed goods and services on a continuous basis.
  • Case histories of how high-profile companies use barter to accumulate vast amounts of needed products and services ... thereby greatly improving their net profits.
  • Nine different barter strategies you can immediately use to leverage your employees' productivity.
  • How to handle your barter transactions for tax deductibility.  Advice from the authorities--top CPAs and a former FASB (Financial Accounting Standard Board) member--will show you the exact, easy way to comply with all regulations.
  • You get checklists, diagrams, charts, photos and examples.  All these will help you make your trading efforts "fail safe" and extremely profitable.
  • How to structure your company's bartering operations through a trade exchange so you can make greater profits. (Includes comprehensive checklist.)
  • How to use barter in a contract negotiation to increase your company's market penetration.
  • How to trade your way out of debt.
  • A powerful proven technique, plus a letter, to use when working with new suppliers.  It will increase your cash-flow by thousands of dollars.  You'll learn  about one company that uses it with 70 different vendors.  They do over $1 million a year in savings through this one technique alone!
  • The most important and valuable person in a trade exchange.  It's not who you think it is--but you'll want to develop a real rapport here!
  • A quick three-minute exercise that makes every marketing dollar do the work of seven.
  • Where the biggest trade exchanges in the country are located.  And the fastest way to get your product/service moved into these exchanges.
  • Typically, what percentage of a company's gross business should be done on barter.  How to analyze with complete accuracy exactly what your company should be doing a year in barter.
  • How a Mid-Western couple used barter to acquire the home of their dreams by covering their closing costs, the real estate commission and the down payment, as well as a 2nd mortgage--all on trade.  Then they completely renovated it on barter working with 120 different contractors and furnishing companies ... all members of a trade exchange.  All of the suppliers names are listed, plus the barter company that assisted in the entire effort.
  • Where the best deals within a trade exchange are found.
  • Twenty specific barter strategies to follow which will increase your business income by a minimum of $100,000 a year.
  • An in-depth look at the mystique and the reality about ratio trading and sequential trading.
  • Three points you must check on when sizing up a trade exchange to do business with.  Only these three items reveal the "wealth" of the exchange.
  • How to travel to exotic foreign countries, paying for your trip through local trade exchanges. (See the list of foreign countries in our directory that have trade exchanges which inter-trade with American trade exchanges.)