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Timeshare Industry Reeling, Opportunities Exist For Barter Offers

The following story appeared in the Los Angeles Times, written by Catharine Hamm, it has been condensed for reader�s convenience�

In 2008, timeshare sales amounted to $9.7 billion. While all the numbers aren�t in yet for 2009 it�s expected the industry will see an unprecedented decrease of sales amounting to $4 billion! That�s unheard of in an industry that has always experienced consistent sales growth.

But keep in mind that people are practically giving away timeshares just to be out from under the association fees. Last week on eBay there were 1,451 sale listings, including a three bedroom in Branson (MO) starting at a penny.

Owners today are renting their property to cover some of their costs. The Timeshare Users Group, TUG, has rental lists, and as you can imagine the timeshare rental market is very competitive with hotel rooms.

Given the number of units on the market for sale, the opportunities to acquire them on a barter basis, either for purchase or rental, are many.

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