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Active International Turns Focus To Under-Performing Real Estate Assets

According to COO Rick Fuest, Active International is again on the move, most notably expanding the world�s largest barter company�s focus to encompass under-performing real estate.

�Much of our success is believing in, and focusing on, our core business and then expanding on it. Which is what we�re doing in the real estate market. Our staff in that area includes four full-time, dedicated real estate personnel in addition to our regular sales force,� Fuest divulged.

�Real estate is nothing magical to us,� he continued. �As it�s an under performing asset, the basic principles still apply in terms of what we do in uplifting that value and providing a mechanism to utilize the trade credit that we give to our clients.�

Fuest says America is experiencing the worst commercial real estate market since 1994, therefore abundant opportunity abounds.

�Sales are down and we�re seeing major companies having to move out of their fancy headquarters...often taking a terrible hit. And with a slowdown of manufacturing, they must �bite the bullet� and shut down manufacturing plants.�

When such situations occur, Active is ready to provide an assist to the seller.

The moving of these real estate assets follows the same formula as any other asset acquired, in that Active immediately looks for a buyer of the real estate. �We�ll take title and take possession,� Fuest explained, �but we�re not looking to build a real estate portfolio.�

Taking title is something different than a few years ago, when Active only acted as a third party. �We take title now because it facilitates the sale. Often the client wants to move the property and rather than waiting to find a buyer and losing the deal, we�ll now take title.�

In conclusion, Fuest exclaimed, �Real estate, from an asset standpoint is a big area of growth for us. And even though it�s still a relatively small segment of our overall business, I believe Active is now the largest mover of real estate among the corporate barter companies.�

For more information on Active International real estate services, phone (845) 735-1700 or see

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