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 Next Big Wave In Housing Will Be Penturbia!

A retired real estate professor from the University of Washington, 84-year-old Jack Lessigner, says the next big wave in housing will be a move away from the classic suburbs and toward remote parts of the country. 

His research says the growth of the classic suburbs has actually been slowing since the 1970s, and it will only accelerate in the coming years.

Lessinger�s bottomline is that suburbs are too crowded and too expensive...a victim of their own success. As a result, many Americans will opt for a lifestyle that is calmer, less densely populated and cheaper. They�ll flock to a place Lessigner has termed �Penturbia,� urban developments in rural regions.

This rural living will be powered, in part, by the Internet, which lets many folks do business from just about anywhere.

�Suburbia has grown old,� the professor says. �It was a paradise in the 1940s and 1950s. It was everything we wanted. A wonderful innovation, but now suburbia has become too big, too unwieldy, too expensive.�

Lessigner says one of the most important parts of housing demand is fashion. Today�s major trend is toward open spaces. The octogenarian real estate professor has just authored his sixth book, Your County�Boom or Bust? The Rise of Penturbia & The Fall of Suburbia.