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Log Onto eBay, Sell Your Home

Dan Whaley, 36, founded the Internet Travel Network back at the beginning of the dot-com boom in 1995. The company eventually became and was sold in 2000 to Sabre Holdings, owner of Travelocity, for $757 million.

Whaley, still a believer in the power of the Internet, recently auctioned off his San Mateo (CA) home on eBay for $1.2 million. (He paid $497,000 for the three-bedroom house in 1997.) The waterfront property received 152 bids in 10 days, according to Whaley, who started with an initial asking price of 99 cents! He chose the auction site to save on sales commissions and to get the best possible price for the house. Local brokers initially priced the home at less than $1 million.