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Creative Renovation Embraces Barter

Major renovation costs of a commercial property can run into the tens of thousands. A $50,000 to $75,000 job isn�t unusual. If you find yourself in the predicament of having a large commercial building, instead of a trip to your bank try calling your trade exchange broker.

Request the names of companies in the exchange that have high balances of trade dollars. At the same time ask for a list of contractors who are requesting business because they don�t have enough trade dollars.

The idea is to offer the high balance member the lease of empty space within your building for a given period of time, for their trade dollars. As the owner you can then use those trade dollars to pay the contractors for renovation work needed elsewhere in the building.

Now, the twist to this unique idea is that the high balance member does not have to move into the space. Instead they have the option of renting it out, thus converting their trade dollars into a cash income stream.

Every person in this equation benefits. The contractors obtain needed trade dollars, the high balance member spends down trade dollars and realizes a new cash flow, and the building owner obtains a needed renovation without securing an expensive cash loan.

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