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Sponsors Menu Launches Site Catering To Real-Estate Flippers

Mark Zilbert, a Miami real-estate broker, has created a site for people who want to “flip” or resell preconstruction condo contracts. Initially the site will focus on Miami, which is estimated to have over 60,000 condo units in various stages of construction. But Zilbert says he plans to expand into Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Chicago next year.

CNBC-TV Names “Flipping Capital”

On June 20, CNBC-TV reported that Las Vegas is the “flipping capital” of the U.S. And flippers have played a key role in the rise of the real estate market, with some 11.5% of sales being flipped within 45 days of purchase. The question people in Las Vegas are asking is, “What happens when the flippers move on?”