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Pre-construction Partnerships Aid Builders, Buyers, launched by two young men in San Diego, is now the largest online condo-advertising portal allowing home buyers and investors to browse hundreds of nationwide listings for new and pre-construction developments. It also offers builders a wide variety of services, other than advertising.

Through affiliate partnerships, Newcondos can purchase up to 30% of newly developed condo units before a single marketing dollar has been spent...thus assisting developers in reaching sales targets and satisfying bank requirements by providing numerous purchasers for a particular project.

The benefits of the pre-construction bulk purchase strategy allow the builder to achieve steep price increases faster, greatly reduce carrying costs, reduce marketing costs, start construction sooner, create publicity and sales hype, and generate greater sales velocity.

Editor�s note: We�ve seen a few examples within the barter marketplace, notably Australia, where developers moved a percentage of preconstructed units through barter (trade exchange sales) to assist sales efforts as well as provide a greater comfort level for their bankers. As the commercial barter industry matures we can expect to see more of such activity.