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Billy Beane Likes Larry Ellison Connection

Billy Beane, renowned for building one of baseball’s most successful teams on a shoestring budget, will now test his business acumen by joining the board of NetSuite, a rising Silicon Valley company backed by software mogul and Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison.

Beane will remain the Oakland A’s general manager, a job that has attracted more attention since his book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.

His appointment represents a public relations coup for NetSuite, an internet-based maker of business management software that is preparing for an initial public stock offering this year. Undoubtedly Beane will be rewarded handsomely by “getting-in” prior to the public offering, since holding pre-IPO stock could well enable him to hit a grand-slam!

Beane said he was drawn to NetSuite because of the Ellison connection, as well as the company’s unorthodox approach of selling online subscriptions to complex software programs, instead of distributing them on discs that must be installed on computer hard drives.

Not only has Ellison scored exceptionally well in other IPO situations like this, but the returns generated by one of NetSuite’s biggest rivals,, have been significant. And that will certainly be a favorable factor in the coming initial public stock offering.