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PR Agency Pursuing Specific Barter Relationships

CameronWeeks Public Relations has announced that it is currently evaluating technology companies for equity barters. Instead of being paid fully in cash for its public relations services, CameronWeeks is willing to take some of its fees in the form of equity. The agency is interested in companies in the life sciences, which include biotech and medical devices, health tech, software, IT, and green technology industries.

In today�s market, early-stage companies, whether bootstrapped or venture funded, are challenged to bring their complex technologies to market quickly and cost-effectively. Bartering for essential services allows them to become more efficient with limited resources while planning for long-term success. For those organizations seeking funding, public relations services can also be utilized to develop communications strategies for reaching potential investors.

�Public relations should not be considered an afterthought for new companies and technologies,� stressed Patti D. Hill, CEO/founder of CameronWeeks Public Relations. �PR initiatives should be engaged when a product reaches advanced alpha (stages), in order to build strategic visibility without losing precious time. Companies that don�t proactively tell their story will find themselves under radar, and with many burgeoning technologies, first to market is critical.�

Continued Hill, �Bartering for these essential services is an excellent way to preserve capital and enable small or start-up companies to focus on perfecting their technologies and growing their businesses.�

Bartering is not only a complement to sophisticated marketplace economies but also a means of survival in declining economies. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, bartering accounts for nearly 30% of the world�s total business. In the United States alone, over 250,000 businesses actively use organized barter to supplement their monetary transactions.

CameronWeeks will utilize a strategic evaluation framework when selecting barter companies that includes vetting the management team, market opportunity, and the product/value proposition to its intended audiences. The agency will also heavily consider the technology differentiation or business model differentiation.

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