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Barter Plays Role With Top Litigator!

One of the foremost litigators in the world is David Boies. As lead partner in Boies Schiller & Flexner, you may remember he prosecuted the government antitrust case against Microsoft, and it was Boies who battled over Florida ballots for Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election.

In a SEC filing (wherein Boies is representing SCO Group in its lawsuit with IBM over Linux software) it was noted that the Boies firm will be partially paid on a contingency (barter) basis that could reach $49.4 million.

SCO, a Utah software firm, said its counsel would receive a fee of 20% of proceeds from a settlement with IBM...20% of any SCO equity financing during the lawsuit, or 20% of a sale of the company. To date, SCO has offered many large companies freedom from legal risk (for using Linux software) in return for hefty license fees. If any companies decide to pay such licenses, Boies Schiller would be entitled to their 20%.