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Domain Name Swapping Marketplace Launched

SwapNames ( is a newly launched free marketplace for trading domain names and web sites. With SwapNames, domain name owners can search out domains of interest, offer their own domains to swap, and receive swap offers from other domain owners.

Additionally, the site acts as a domain name marketplace where users have the option of buying or selling valuable e-properties. All listings on SwapNames have both a fixed selling price and a trade value, which creates valuable exposure to easily market and sell or trade domains.

Presently, there are no open, free-for-all marketplaces just for domain name barter trading. All other domain name marketplaces are either auction houses or for sale listing sites. With the launch of SwapNames, the domain name industry now has its very own barter trading portal.

The idea for the site was inspired by Kyle MacDonald who traded one red paperclip for a different item, and continued trading his items until, 14 trades later, he owned a house. SwapNames' founder Koay Al Vin, after reading about the One Red Paperclip project, immediately related the idea to the hundreds of domain names he had invested in.

�Most of my lesser quality domain names could not be sold, and were left undeveloped and gathering �digital dust.� I could not properly monetize the names, and renewal dates were drawing nearer,� Koay disclosed.

�Because of the circumstances, I had to actively search out fellow domain owners to barter (trade) my names with theirs. Today, every domain owner in the same boat can actively trade-up their domains and that is an extra alternative instead of just letting their domains expire,� he added.

�I knew that this industry was really in need of a platform for people to swap their existing domains. Now, everyone can diversify their portfolio of domains the way Kyle MacDonald did, but this time it will be for virtual pieces of properties: domain names.�

Malaysian-based domain investor and entrepreneur Koay Al Vin, incorporated SwapNames in Delaware, USA, and operates from a tiny, but beautiful, island in Malaysia called Penang.

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