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New Universal “Alternative Currency” Backed By Major Corp.’s

The Creditz Digital Currency System is a new alternative currency that transforms reward points, frequent flyer miles, loyalty points and other non-cash currencies into a digital currency, which will be used the same as cash at participating national retailers, merchants, vendors and manufacturers.

Consumers will earn Creditz currency when they buy products wherever the logo is displayed. Thus Creditz digital currency is a new form of customer reward, but it will always be in digital form and cannot be withdrawn. Once earned it can be spent the same as cash: one Creditz = 1 cent.

The company’s partners and alliances include IBM, Merrill Lynch, First Data, Verifone, and Scrip Advantage. The master licensee for the U.S. of the Creditz system is CEO America Inc.. For more information go to

Editor’s note: Interestingly, the subject of a “reward currency” for members of a trade exchange was a major topic at the most recent IRTA convention, just concluded.