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Stories From BarterNews� Archives 1997

Water More Valuable Than Gold!

Texas billionaires Lee and Ed Bass are bartering their 45,000 acres of Southern California water rights to U.S. Filter Corp. The Basses, who reportedly paid considerably less than the $80 million the property is now worth, are cashing out big time. The barter payoff is 8 million shares of U.S. Filter�s stock, some $250 million.

U.S. Filter, in Palm Desert (CA), is the world�s largest maker of water recycling and treatment equipment. The prize for them, in the barter transaction is senior water rights that will give the company control of 250,000 acre feet of Colorado River water annually, for $12.50 an acre foot. Many cities now pay $350 or more for an acre of water, which is enough for a family of four for two years.

Will BMC�s �Piece-of-the-Action� Package Work For Other Companies?

John Moores, a former programmer at Shell Oil, formed the Houston-based BMC Software company in 1980. Having little money, Moores began bartering ownership in the company right from the start�it was the way he attracted top talent. When he left in 1988 he was a multi-millionaire.

Last year BMC introduced a record 48 new products. The company, which specializes in products for large corporate databases, followed Moores example and today still offers employees stock options. Plus, software developers are offered an opportunity to own a piece of any sales their products generate. Last year three software developers saw their products topping $25 million in sales!

John Moores, incidentally, is doing just fine today. Besides buying the San Diego Padres baseball team, he invested in San Diego-based Peregrine Systems (a maker of software that helps corporate computer specialists solve user problems), and instituted another programmer compensation plan. When Moores took Peregrine public, his 63% of the company�which cost him $13 million�was worth $153 million!

Lucrative Barter Plan Enables Michael Jordan To Score On The Web!

SportsLine USA, a three-year-old sports and information service signed Michael Jordan to a 10-year contract to create and manage his own official site on the World Wide Web. The agreement is an expensive bet that Jordan�s global renown can help online sports live up to its billing as one of the few areas of the Internet capable of turning a profit.

Jordan�s sweet deal, while getting no money upfront, is guaranteed several million dollars over the life of the barter program�he will receive equity (common stock) in SportsLine plus a split of ad and merchandise revenue. For the lucrative trade Jordan is required to answer five e-mails per week and conduct one online interview per month.

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