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Bartering Your Unwanted Gift Cards

If you received a gift card over the holidays and don�t even frequent that particular store, what can you do? How about bartering it! Various web sites now allow you to do so.

Here are some web sites to check out:,, and All these places facilitate bartering your unwanted card, either for a different one of equal value or for cash at a discount.

Typically a user must first create a free account and provide details of the card, such as merchant name, value and expiration date. Requirements and procedures vary by web site.

For instance, at card values must be between $25 and $200. And they pay between 60% to 80% of the cards value when you�re cashing it in. (You can receive payment via PayPal or select a new card from the site.) Once you mail your card to them the turnaround time is approximately 48 hours.

Look for additional fees for commissions and shipping, and pay attention to expiration dates and dormancy fees for not using the card within a certain period.

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