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Chambers Of Commerce Able To Access Currency Business

A new web based program is being introduced to chambers of commerce which provides chamber members the ability to easily create, edit, or delete coupons that are printable by consumers. The program can be operated as a stand alone web site or easily integrated into a current site.

One doesn’t have to be a seer to envision the possibilities of chamber members using the new ASP (application service provider) technology to begin bartering their products and services, via coupons, amongst themselves.

Specialty Marketing Service says the program will allow chamber members to sign into an online control panel to access printable coupons, without intervention of chamber staff. Individual members thus have the ability to control the coupons, allowing them to use the service to test new products and services, liquidate excess inventory, or take advantage of a special purchase opportunity from a supplier.

While Chambers of Commerce are a focal point of a local business community, other local associations such as convention and tourist bureaus or local media outlets, such as newspapers and radio or television stations, can leverage the program for their benefit as well. This is still another sign that the “cashless marketplace” quietly continues its expansion.

Specialty Marketing Service offers vertical marketing solutions for niche industries. For program details, a live demonstration and licensing information, go to