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From the archives of BarterNews...

Moores' "Piece-of-the Action" Thinking Worked

John Moores, former programmer at Shell Oil, founded the Houston-based BMC Software company in 1980 which specializes in products for large corporate databases. Having little money, Moores began bartering ownership in the company right from the start—in order to attract top talent.

When he left in 1988 he was a multi-millionaire. BMC continued following Moores’ example, and still offers employees stock. Plus, software developers can own a piece of the sales that their products generate.

John Moores, incidentally, is doing just fine today. Besides buying the San Diego Padres baseball team, he invested in San Diego-based Peregrine Systems (a maker of software that helps corporate computer specialists solve user problems), instituting another programmer compensation plan.

In 1997 Moores took Peregrine public. His 63% of the company"which cost him $13 million" is worth $153 million.