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$30,000 Tree Services For Truck, Exemplifies Barter�s Value & Versatility

The Connecticut Highway Department in Thomaston entered into a barter deal with a tree service company this month which we found interesting. It occurred as a result of budget cuts that grounded two highway department vehicles. And since the town was also facing a �tree service� problem, the highway department�s leaders decided to trade one of their trucks valued at $8,000 (by a local motor company) to Higgins Tree Service company.

Higgins received the truck in exchange for providing 30 hours of work � using a 75-foot bucket lift, chipper and two men, all for $200 an hour � a $6,000 value. The trade will enable the town to take down 30 trees, which would normally be done at a cost of $1,000 a tree. So, as they say in barter parlance, �this was a win-win trade.�

(Thanks to Terry Brandfass for bringing the article to our attention.)

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