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Australia�s Barter Deal With Oprah Promises Big Pay Off

A dream destination, as Oprah Winfrey describes a trip to Australia for her opening day audience of 300 (as she kicked off her 25th and final season on TV), will be a tremendous boom for Australia�s tourism industry which presently gets 2.5 million visitors annually.

The government met with Winfrey�s people in planning this joint endeavor, and they will be providing approximately $3 million in accommodation costs � providing transportation, lodging, meals, tours, etc. � most of it will come in the form of �in-kind� payments. In exchange Australia will gain publicity around the world through TV coverage in 145 countries, articles in the world press, and immense coverage on the Internet.

It�s a very astute business move and a real coup for Australia, as such a major international opportunity is quite unique.

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