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Two Reasons For Focusing On Your Barter Efforts

Every dollar saved through your bartering efforts can be dramatically magnified through these two simple steps. Future results and the accumulation of wealth come from the choices you make moment-to-moment.

1) Keep in mind that every dollar saved through barter can be magnified to your advantage. Consider your 30-year mortgage. A home loan is like a huge credit card, in that lenders want you to make the minimum payment on the loan every month to keep the interest amount high.

Outfox them by paying more whenever you can. (Use the cash you saved through a recent trade you've made.) At current rates, a paltry $10 added to every monthly payment saves you over $8,000 in interest during the course of the loan.

2) Are you able to take a 2% discount when you pay invoices within ten days? If so, every time you take advantage of such an offer you're essentially earning 36% on your money. Where else can you obtain such safe and above average cash yields?