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Further Info On Howard Stern Story...

On any good barter transaction both party�s are winners. And the story we reported recently about Howard Stern�s trade with Sirius Satellite Radio was an example of an exceptional agreement.

We didn�t fully elaborate on what the total benefits to Sirius were, but they were significant. Consider that when the contract with Stern was signed fourteen months ago in October 2004 Sirius had only 600,000 subscribers, and was expecting to have slightly more than two million by the end of 2005 and 3.5 million by the end of 2006.

Instead, Sirius presently has 3.3 million subscribers and anticipates having six million by year end 2006. Additionally, since the contract was signed Sirius� stock price has more than doubled, creating $5 billion of new shareholder value! (During the same period, the stock of its competitor, XM Satellite Radio Holdings, has been roughly flat.)  

Clearly, the �Stern factor� has paid off in spades for both barter parties!