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Founder Of Domino’s Will Again Benefit From Long Ago Trade

Tom Monaghan originally founded Domino’s Pizza in partnership with his college roommate. But the long hours of the startup didn’t suit his roommate, who soon wanted out.

Unable to come up with any cash to buy out his partner, Monaghan traded on the only asset he had—bartering his old Volkswagen for his partner’s 50% interest.

What a trade it’s been! Monaghan sold most of the company to Bain Capital in 1998, pocketing $400 million. However, he retained 27%, and is about to reap another windfall as the firm has gone public.

Domino’s operates 7,400 take-out and delivery stores, including franchises, in the United States and abroad. In 2003 the franchise stores posted sales of about $3.8 billion, and the company-owned stores had $381 million in sales.