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�One Red Paperclip� Book Published

The 25-year-old Montreal resident, Kyle Macdonald, who went on to fame after he decided that selling shock absorbers wasn�t his future, has written his story in the new book, �One Red Paperclip.�

When his decision to leave Table Shox (selling shock absorbers for restaurant tables) he got serious and sent off resumes in a quest for another occupation. It was at this moment that he got the idea to take one of the red paper clips (binding his resumes together) and trade it on the Internet for something bigger and better...with the idea of eventually bartering up to a house.

His story covers the 14 steps taken before acquiring a small house in Kipling, Saskatchewan (Canada). What his journey shows is that a market exists where the participants have neither a strong desire for the items they bartered for, or a wish to convert the items into cash.

In this case the barter�s goal, it seems, was to become better known, part of a great story. With the exposure on the Internet, this book, and the upcoming movie deal with DreamWorks, I�d say they accomplished what they desired.

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