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Big Names Are Bartering

Charlie Sheen: �Bartered ownership for Charlie.� He�s moving on from his prior hit sitcom with a new sitcom called �Anger Management.� (It�s based on a 2003 movie of the same name.) In the new project he will have an ownership position on the series as well as a certain amount of creative control.

Amar Stoudemire: The 6�10� power forward of the New York Knicks basketball team has two passions in life � basketball and fashion. He recently agreed to provide exclusive content to a 5-year-old sports blog ( in exchange for an equity stake and a revenue sharing agreement in the company. �I�ll provide you with my expertise on my passions for a part of your operation.�

Michael Vick: �Use my name and endorsement for part ownership of your company.�  Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, became an equity partner in Double Eagle Holdings � the parent company of Fuse Science. Vick will endorse its line of sports nutrition vitamins and minerals.

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