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Joint Venture Pro Says Most Businesses Only Earn 10% of their Potential Net Profit

Isn�t that a scary fact? Considering how hard you work, the amount of time you work and the risk you carry, and you thought you were doing pretty well! The good news is that you do a whole lot better without any risk or cost and very little time.

You�re not in business to make sales, retain customers, beat the competition, or impress your Mother-in-Law; you�re in business to earn the maximum net profit possible with the least amount of time, cost and risk, right? Most of us tend to forget that. There is a way to dramatically increase your bottom line fast, with no cost or risk, and very little time. It�s done through the use of Joint Ventures, and we�ve been doing this for 21 years.

When you set up a Joint Venture correctly, you earn 100% profit on all the on-going income it creates. It�s the ultimate back end. It takes little time to put in place and it becomes a money machine, or as we like to call it, a DollarMaker. And the reason why it�s so sweet is that it leverages the resources, time, money, skills, and efforts of other businesses.  Multiple Joint Venture income sources helps to reduce customer attrition, levels your income from �feast or famine� to a predictable, stable flow, spreads your risk, reduces your overhead and provides you with additional sales. 

Since 1987, I have taught business owners as well as those who do not have a business, how to broker Joint Ventures. Regardless of your circumstances, location, age, education, type of business or level of success, and whether you have a business or not, anyone can do this. It�s just a matter of linking supply and demand. No selling, overhead, employees, leases or licenses required. And you can create Joint Ventures anywhere in the world. I teach people to do this across North America and the United Kingdom.

If this sounds �too good to be true�,  you should know that Joint Ventures are responsible for around 20% of the profit of large companies � this is nothing new to the Fortune 500 sized business, yet only about 1% of the owners of small and medium sized business understand and use JV�s. I increased one profit center in my business from $4,000 to $20,000 per month in just four days with one Joint Venture. It�s all about leveraging existing resources and underutilized assets, creating multiple JV income sources, and understanding the concept of reciprocity and value.

Finally, if I was to ask the average business owner why he doesn�t double his profits within the next two to three months, he would have the average excuses: Not enough time or capital, hard to find good people, not enough space or equipment, the competition, margins, etc. And every one of these excuses is removed through the use of JV�s, because you don�t need these resources � other people have them! The myths of business tell us we have to sell our time, work hard, put in long hours and many years before we can retire. With JV�s, you can retire in one year. You can double your profits in a few months. You can create more referrals than you can possibly handle. You can get rich. No fluff, just the real stuff: real money, real fast, in the real world.

But perhaps you�re still somewhat skeptical, and that�s quite understandable in today�s world of scams, conmen, fast talkers, and rip-offs. So let me share a real life example with you. One of our DollarMakers Members in the United Kingdom has a house cleaning business with two hundred wealthy clients. He seldom communicated with them, and had no back-end income in place. This is what I suggested he do in order to double and then quadruple his net profit, and it�s up to him to implement these simple, cost-free initiatives:

  1. We showed him how to get 18% per year on the equity in his business, home, and private life.
  2. Set up a monthly, hard copy newsletter to his customer base, offering them one month of free house cleaning for every customer they introduced.
  3. Offer every customer a directory of services available to them through trusted JV partners: Plumbing, electrical work, renovations, furniture, landscaping, carpet cleaning, accounting services, computer services, consulting services, and much more. Each of these twenty-five JV partners paid to be in the directory and each of them agrees to pay a percentage of all resulting sales to him as a commission, on an on-going basis.
  4. Each month, offer a new Gift Certificate in the newsletter, and any resulting business will earn him 20% of the gross sales on an on-going basis. Examples: Complimentary Interior Design Consultation, Complimentary Home Theater Demonstration and Quotation, Free Jewelry Cleaning / Evaluation, and so on.
  5. Create and offer his own Gift Certificates for a complimentary house cleaning to high-end restaurants to distribute to their favorite guests as a sample of his work to get new customers.

I could ramble on, but you can see how practical this all is and how it is applicable to virtually any business, especially if you triangulate the deals and never sell your own products, services, or time. Once you understand the power of Joint Ventures, you will never have any excuse again not to become wealthy and have more time and money than you need. And remember what John Addison said: �Never take advice form someone who is more screwed up than you are. Jim Stovall said, �Only take advice for someone who already has what you want.�

For more information, articles, videos, Podcasts, interviews, books, and more on this subject, as well as Membership and access to hundreds of JV partners around the world, visit my website:

Robin J. Elliott

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