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From the archives of BarterNews...

A Once Mighty & Proud Manufacturer Rebounds Via Barter

Kaiser Steel, a company founded by Henry Kaiser in 1941 to churn out steel for WWII warships, staggered into bankruptcy in 1987.

The once-mighty manufacturer’s only products recently have been lawsuits, debts and bitterness. But now they’re emerging from the ashes with a barter assist.

The new Kaiser doesn’t make steel, and only employs a bare-bones staff of about two dozen. But by bartering its land for stakes in new businesses, Kaiser is now coming to life!

They’re involved in industries as varied as the new California Speedway racetrack—Kaiser traded the land for $50 million of stock in Penske Motorsports, which owns the 90,000-seat auto racetrack on the site of the former Kaiser steel mill in Fontana.

Well-water, once used to cool steel, is now being leased on a yearly basis for millions-of-dollars. And they’ve converted an iron-ore mine into a massive dump that will bring in even more millions annually.