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Another Cashless Currency Program Introduced

The ITEX organization stresses that it provides 21,000 clients with a marketplace for cashless business transactions. In a recent interview on, IMS’ Don Mardak shared his thoughts about the increasing popularity and benefits of the cashless monetary system for business. And the International Reciprocal Trade Association’s (IRTA) upcoming annual convention in September will focus on “Uniting People and Standards in a Cashless Trading World.”

Countless companies and industries outside the commercial barter industry are also realizing the value of providing valued customers with a non-cash currency.

TripRewards, the points program shared by Cendant Corp’s hotels and car-rental companies, has announced such a program. It lets members earn travel points (a non-cash currency) for buying and selling real estate through one of its realty brokerage firms.

Cendant, owner of several real estate companies including Century 21, will provide people buying or selling their homes 7,000 points for every $10,000 spent through December 31. (After that, the offer will provide 5,000 points per $10,000.)

For example, a member of TripRewards who sells a $300,000 home and buys a $400,000 home would earn 500,000 points...enough for a trip to Hawaii.