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�Getting an idea should be like sitting on a pin, it should make you jump up and do something.�

�Kemmons Wilson, developer of Holiday Inns

Kemmons Wilson has always had a sense of urgency � wanting to jump up and do something. To save time he�d often eat dessert first, while waiting for his entree!

In developing the Holiday Inns, the first chain of affordable, family-oriented motels and hotels he used barter � every step of the way.

First, he contacted builders and bartered with them, offering 50% ownership in any hotel they�d build. Next, he contacted owners of land that were located within one day�s drive of his hotel sites. He would again use his barter bargaining chip � a stake in the hotel in exchange for the land.

When Wilson retired in 1979, over 1,800 Holiday Inns had been built in 50 countries around the world. In addition to his sense of urgency, and frequent use of barter, he attributed his success to attitude � emphasizing that it�s important to smile and be happy.

�And always remember,� Wilson exclaimed in his autobiography Half Luck and Half Brains, �no job is too hard as long as you are smart enough to find someone else to do it for you.�

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