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�Kyle MacDonald Is Out-Trumping Donald Trump!�

�Alice Cooper, rock singer

In our February 14 and April 25 issue Tuesday Report, we related Kyle MacDonald�s amazing story...trading on his imagination and ingenuity (along with an eight-foot red paperclip) to acquire a free house. In the nine month period since he began, he�s had a series of seven trades resulting in a year-free-rental of a home in Phoenix.

Since our last reporting, the 26-year-old Canadian has bartered the free rental to a young woman who works at Cooper�sTown Sports Bar & Grill in downtown Phoenix. Her boss, rock icon Alice Cooper, agreed to the trade so she could get a year�s free rent.

�Kyle MacDonald is out-trumping Donald Trump,� exclaimed the legendary shock rocker. �I can�t believe (I�m doing this so he can) get a house, but it�s just crazy enough that I couldn�t resist,� disclosed Cooper. �Whoever gets to spend a day with me better get ready for a wild ride!�

So MacDonald, with several Good Morning America appearances and a book and movie deal already signed, will embark on a new adventure when he meets Cooper face-to-face to promote the trade. He will appear on the �Nights With Alice Cooper� radio show, which is broadcast on over 90 stations across the country to millions of fans.

MacDonald will appeal to the show�s rabid following, urging them to bid on the afternoon with Alice Cooper, so he can continue his quest to trade his way up to a house.