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August 13, 2013

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 08/13/2013

Embrace Barter � Lessen Your Business Debt

Interestingly, a study by the Small Business Administration says that from 20% to 25% of small businesses in the U.S. are �non-borrowers.� That is, they do not use any credit. These firms have received virtually no attention from academic researchers, according to the study by Rebel Cole titled, Bank Credit, Trade Credit or No Credit: Evidence From The Surveys of Small Business Finances.

Thought: Maybe leveraging your small business into a big hole of debt isn�t the best solution, even if that�s what many of the �experts� suggest. Embracing barter effectively circumvents the borrowing dilemma, and provides one with a powerful leverage (buying at variable cost) as well.

Consumers More Careful & Cautious With Debt, Too

American consumers are remaining stingy about carrying credit card balances and are making more of an effort to keep payments timely, trends that have helped whittle the rate of late payments on credit cards down to the lowest level in 20 years. In fact, credit card debt in the U.S. remains 16.5% below its July 2008 peak, according to the Federal Reserve.

Suburbs Growth Changing After 100-Year Run

In 2011, for the first time in 100 years, the rate of growth for USA�s suburban population was actually lower than the rate of growth of the urban population. According to Leigh Gallagher, assistant managing editor of Forbes magazine and author of a new book The End Of The Suburbs, Where The American Dream Is Moving, a monumental shift is underway. With the American dream moving out of the suburbs, it could well leave home values behind.

Gallagher�s reasons include:

  • Suburbs have spread too far out
  • Transportation costs in time and money for commuting is taxing
  • People want more organic suburbs � new villages

Bottom line: the new desires are for urban centers where a closeness and easy walking to stores and restaurants is commonplace.

Legal Right To Own A New York City Taxi Is $1.3 Million!

The value of taxi medallions � the legal right to drive a cab (the gaudy yellow taxis) in the city � has soared to a record $1.3 million. The number of medallions is capped at 13,336 and it�s unique, because a medallion is required. Therefore newcomers can�t simply enter the market.

The good fortunes of taxi owners spring in part from an unexpected source � advances in technology that have made it easier to find and pay for a cab ride. Credit cards and smartphone apps have served to enhance the value of established status quo, rather than its customary role of disruptor.

Cabbies have definitely benefited from credit card readers, which allow riders to pay with plastic. Statistics show that passengers leave bigger tips with cards, an average 20%, whereas with cash it is generally 10%.

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�Why Should I Use Barter For Advertising?�

When you advertise effectively, you are branding your business and showing your products and/or services to new cash customers. Your competition is paying cash for the same advertising (that you�re trading for), which provides you with a competitive edge.

Secondly, if you sell a product that is subject to co-op from a dealer or manufacturer you can make an immediate cash return, by paying for the advertising with trade dollars and then submitting the invoice for the co-op check.

In addition to earning co-op dollars, you may want to also take advantage of an immediate cash conversion on marketing by approaching a local business that is not a trade exchange member, but whose products or services complement your own. Ask them to split the cost of an ad with you. You pay for the ad in barter, and then collect 50% of the ad cost in cash from the affiliated business.

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How To Motivate Part-Time Employees

In today�s changing world, more and more small businesses are utilizing part-time employees. Here are some proven methods for motivating and retaining part-time employees:

  • Orient them properly. Take at least 15 minutes to describe job duties and go over the basic rules. 
  • Assign a mentor. The part-time worker will feel more like part of the team, and the mentor will feel good about the added responsibility.
  • Mix up the workload. Don�t overload part-time workers with grunt tasks only, it�s demoralizing. 
  • Eliminate any hard feelings between part-timers and full-timers. Make sure full-time employees know their jobs are not being threatened. 
  • Offer flexible hours. By allowing flexible work hours, you�ll retain your part-timers longer. Therefore eliminating the need for costly retraining. 
  • Offer financial incentives. Set up a bonus plan for part-time workers, based on company revenues. Give them a reason to get excited about their jobs. 
  • Set higher wages than standard. It will prevent competitors from raiding your part-timers, thus forcing you to hire new ones.

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Are You An Entrepreneur? Then Thank Your Dad!

Although Americans are known for their entrepreneurial zeal, it takes a lot more than zeal to establish a business. The conventional view is that young people who succeed on their own often get a lot of financial help from their parents.

But are Dad�s or Mom�s deep pockets really that important? Not nearly as important, according to economists Thomas Dunn and Douglas Holtz-Eakin of Syracuse University, as was the employment status of the parents � especially the fathers. Although they often chose different occupations, sons of self-employed men showed a strong tendency to become self-employed.

In other words, rather than financial capital, it was the parents� human capital � as role models and imparters of management skills � that apparently enabled their sons to become successful entrepreneurs.


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