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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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How To Get $100,000 More Sales

In The Hyper-Competitive Restaurant Industry

Street-Smart Restaurant Marketing Report Shows

Proven Ways To Rapidly Boost Your Restaurant�s Sales & Profits

FACT: Gas prices are eating into restaurant spending
FACT: Diners are �trading-down,� selecting less-expensive full-service restaurants
FACT: Diners are ordering lower-priced entrees and fewer alcoholic beverages
FACT: Your overhead is already built in

Are you thinking, rightfully so, that you can�t afford to have a table sit there unoccupied? Do you have a gut feeling that it�s going to get worse before it gets better? Are your instincts usually �right on.�

Our valuable report shows you the proven way to drive more business to your establishment, sell more expensive entrees, as well a side dishes and alcoholic beverages.

Wouldn�t it be great to fill those unoccupied tables every night with NEW DINERS, earn more revenue, create greater ambience within your restaurant, and gain valuable referral business?

NOW is the time to take action. . .

If you�re willing to be open to a new idea, willing to step outside the usual mainstream way of thinking and ready to move forward, you could bring in another $100,000 through your restaurant�s �barter door.�

Your added trade revenue can be used to acquire needed products and services for your restaurant�thereby increasing your cash flow, which provides you with added financial insurance in these fast-changing times of economic uncertainty.


100% Money-Back Guarantee

�If you are not completely satisfied with this eye-opening, profit-enhancing restaurant report on strategies and techniques you can use to bring in another $100,000, I�ll refund your money�no questions asked.�

�Bob Meyer, publisher and author,

                        Why and How Savvy Restaurateurs Trade


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