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August 8, 2006

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...       08/08/2006

Red Paper-Clip Barterer Lands Book Deal

Last week we reported that 26-year-old Kyle MacDonald of Montreal signed a movie option deal with DreamWorks. As an aspiring writer, his most recent success might be considered more relevant...he has signed a book deal with publishing powerhouse Random House.

MacDonald and his girlfriend Dominique Dupuis have recently moved into their new, 1920?s two story house in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

Google Placing Ads On XM?s Radio Channels

Following up last week?s news on Google?s going after radio spots (via the dMarc media network they purchased), the Web search company and XM Satellite Radio are working together wherein XM will gain access to Google?s roster of advertisers without incurring the full cost of running an ad-placement business. XM runs advertising on about 100 of its non-music channels.

More Bartered Radio Time Coming To UK Radio Stations

UBC is the largest independent airtime sales point to media agencies in the UK. And UBC Media has just signed a 3-year deal with Sky News Radio, which currently provides scripts, audio and bulletins, for radio stations in the UK.

The link-up will result in a rapid expansion of the Sky News Radio service, delivering a weekly reach to UBC?s network of 5.5 million adults via barter syndication.

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Plan Ahead When Bartering Your Timeshare Week

The ability to trade places is the main reason most people purchase timeshares, and that?s been the case for years. Research reveals, in fact, that more people barter their weeks than use them.

The most frequent complaint among the country?s nearly 2 million timeshare owners (after they complain how difficult they are to resell, even when priced below cost) is that they never seem to be able to exchange their time for what they want.

But it doesn?t have to be that way. Owners can trade places with other timeshare owners by depositing their interval with an exchange service, and withdrawing a corresponding interval somewhere else.

Whether the interval that is given up is used by someone else doesn?t matter, since timeshare bartering is not a direct trade. As long as one puts something in the bank, something else can be taken out. At the same time, though, it?s important to have realistic goals.

When people run into a glitch, it usually has something to do with what they put into the system and what they want to take out. For starters, when considering a timeshare for the exchange possibilities -- and there are hundreds of thousands of them -- make sure to buy in an area that is in high demand.

Time and size are two other factors that help enhance the ability to enact a successful trade. So aim to buy the biggest unit in the best week that is  affordable. The formula is based on comparability, so don?t buy an off-season week unless you expect to travel in the off-season.

Experts strongly advise depositing your interval as soon as you know you won?t be using it. Because depositing early increases one?s trading power. You?ll get a higher priority by depositing early, because you are allowing them to fulfill someone else?s exchange.

In short, if you don?t deposit early enough, your week might be worth only 50% of its exchangeable value. And you may have to wait until the last minute to go somewhere else, or take a less desirable travel time or a smaller sized unit.

Depositing early isn?t the only tactic that will lead to a successful trade. So will being flexible. Instead of demanding a particular resort, for example, request an area. Or even request a type of vacation, as opposed to something more specific. And pick a range of dates, not an exact week.

You even can ask the system to search for two choices. Then if a match is made, you?ll have 48 hours to decide whether that?s really where you want to go. If it is, you can lock in a reservation and make your travel arrangements. But if it?s not, the system can keep looking.

Although RCI and Interval International list thousands of properties in their catalogs (Interval works with 1,800 affiliated resorts in more than 70 countries; RCI with 3,500 properties in 90 countries) that doesn?t mean space is always available. Their inventories are based only on what their members give up. So plan ahead, and follow the foregoing suggestions...the likelihood of success will be greater. 

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XO Limited Sells Thailand/Vietnam Ozone Franchise License

Solution Corner (SLC),a publicly traded Thailand company, has acquired an exclusive Ozone franchise license for Thailand and Vietnam from XO Limited. SLC has set up subsidiary OpenServe to operate the new barter exchange operation under the Ozone name.

XO Limited reported that the initial license fee was $1 million, and further payments -- if the deal goes as planned -- will total approximately $5 million over a 5-year period, based on forecasts of member trading volumes. (Shares of Solution Corner are trading for approximately 9-cents each.)

According to Sam Rama, CEO of Ozone Barter, the transaction represents a major opportunity for participants in the New Zealand-based Ozone Barter network to sell and acquire products from the Asian market.

Solution Corner, a Thailand software developer, has diversified into e-commerce in an attempt to reduce the risk of relying only on the software development business.

Chachapong Munchupha, the managing director of SLC and Open Serve, is aiming to have at least 1,200 members based in Thailand, trading 30 million baht (37:1 to the US$) by the end of this year.

XO Limited ( was founded in 2002 and offers a neutral internet-based platform which enables multi-lateral trading.

Ozone Barter has franchisees in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa with a reported network of 10,000 members.


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eBay Seller Teams Up With Bartercard

Professional eBay seller XS Items, is offering three of its pilot franchise opportunities at ?15,000 through the UK Bartercard network. Thus, members of Bartercard can purchase a franchise on full trade.

XS Items takes any goods that can be sold on eBay, and provides a complete service for individuals and businesses in exchange for a percentage of the final selling price.

Bartercard has 150 franchised offices in 17 countries worldwide, and more than 4,000 members in the UK. For more information on Bartercard go to



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Asia?s Power Structure Changing

The traditional underpinnings of international relations in Asia are undergoing substantial change, and the rise of China is a principal cause. Strategic imperatives and economic considerations are the key drivers for China to expand its international relations into different regions in the world. Asia as traditional home-turf plays a key role within the ?program of expansion.?

Other causes include the relative decline of U.S. influence and authority in Asia, the expanding influence of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the growth of regional multilateral organizations, an increased technological and economic interdependence in the region, and the improvement of several formerly strained bilateral relations.

As a result of these processes, the structure of power and the nature of the regional system are being fundamentally altered. This regional perspective is striking, given that just a few years ago many of China?s neighbors raised concerns about the possibility of China becoming a regional influence and powerful military threat.

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CFO?s Less Optimistic About Economy

Although CFOs plan to increase capital spending and hiring this year, they are growing more pessimistic about the U.S. economy...most notably concerning inflation, the federal funds rate and the rising price of oil, according to a June 2006 Duke University/CFO magazine Business Outlook survey.

Only 24% of U.S. finance chiefs are more optimistic than they were last quarter, while 46% are less optimistic.

?CFOs are telling us that we are moving closer to the danger zone for the U.S. economy, but that their firms can ride it out for now,? said John Graham, a professor of finance at Duke's Fuqua School of Business and director of the survey. ?There are several risk factors that are near the tipping point, and if any of them worsens, it would heighten the risk of a corporate slowdown.?

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Major U.S. Advertisers Aim To Drive Down Advertising Prices

Nine prominent advertisers have joined forces to create and test an online marketplace for buying advertising time. It?s a move that could revolutionize the way billions-of-dollars of ad revenue is spent, and could shift the bargaining power to advertisers.

Toyota Motor, Wal-Mart Stores, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Home Depot, among others have put up a combined $50 million. They have enlisted eBay to build an auction site, called e-Media Exchange, that would sell national ad time on a yet-to-be determined cable network in a test tentatively set for January 2007.

Their goal? To make the ad-sales market transparent. The new system would allow advertisers to post media plans on the auction site, and invite bids from networks and media outlets.

The e-Media proposal evolved from former Chrysler marketing chief Julie Roehm, who made a speech at a media-industry conference in 2004. Roehm said an automated trading system akin to the Nasdaq Stock Market could replace the upfront market rituals, in which ad bargaining takes place in May for the upcoming fall TV season.

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