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New To Barter? Here�s A Look At The Hidden �REAL WORLD� Of Barter

You Can Learn How To Rapidly Multiply Your Income In The Months Ahead By Reading This...

Have you ever tried a new sport? Golfing, skiing, scuba diving? Or remember the times when you faced a different opportunity, like a new job? Undoubtedly you soon realized that an entire �other� world existed (outside of your own) that you were never really aware of. And didn�t it take some new skills and knowledge before you were able to master this new environment successfully?

The same is true in the world of barter. Mention the word barter and most everyone nods their head, thinking they know all about it. After all they used to trade their sandwich or potato chips for a candy bar when they were a kid!

Yet, in reality, few really know much about this dynamic marketplace�where barter occurs on many levels. And that�s tragic, since it can be one of the most profitable ways to do business when you know what you�re doing.

It�s also a way to rapidly multiply your income in today�s world, where saving money in the traditional way is so difficult. That�s because you�re doing business in a different manner where the cost dynamics are totally changed.

Sadly, even those entrepreneurs who are members of a trade exchange are virtually clueless about the greater levels it can be played on, and what heights can be achieved in the real world of barter. A brash statement? Not really�

The proof is in the annual amount of bartered business done by the typical member, which averages but $5,000 a year. Only 1% to 2% of an exchange�s membership will trade in six figures annually. So let�s get real here� false assumptions can be very expensive.  

Doesn�t it make good sense to see how the barter world really operates? Learn the powerful strategies that will give you that all-important competitive edge to make way more money in the marketplace.

Learn What To Do And When To Do It

For less than the cost of a good meal, you can now get your hands on an unbiased tell-it-like-it-is blueprint which outlines the way to rapidly multiply your income stream in the months ahead. Unlike a meal, however, this material will stay with you forever, to be called on over and over. And it will immediately enable you to operate on a much higher financial level! You�ll see the exact steps�what to do and when to do it.

This special package, The Entrepreneur�s World of Barter, was written by Bob Meyer, founder of BarterNews and one of the first three inductees in the IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association) Barter-Hall-of-Fame. Meyer is also the recipient of the industry�s only Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE). He�s the only person in the world with both of these prestigious honors.

With 30 years of experience, and having been a member of 50 different trade exchanges over the years, he�s seen it all. More importantly, he willingly explains it all to you in a very straight-forward and totally understandable manner.

Just imagine what you�ll be able to accomplish when you get your hands on this incredibly valuable information which shows you the way to earn from tens-of-thousands of dollars, up to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in additional barter income per year!

(Don�t� spend too much time analyzing what you�ve lost over the last 5 years because you didn�t know about this�it might be too painful!)

Now�s the time to take action. Why go it alone? You�ll be spending valuable time and energy learning by trial and error and then, most likely, giving up in frustration. There�s a much smarter way to move forward into this new world. Get this valuable, inexpensive professional advice and guidance from BarterNews, a well-respected name in the barter industry.

Here�s what it�s all about�

The Entrepreneur�s World Of Barter Package provides you with needed tips, guidelines, and answers to the following questions�and much more.

  1. What are the top 10 situations to check out when you�re serious about maximizing your trading profits? (Follow the advice of #8 and you will save thousands on your income taxes. Also included is a list of five conditions which are non-taxable!)

  2. What are the seven absolute MUST DO tenants to follow before you can ever expect to maximize your profits?

  3. Which 6 actions MUST YOU ABSOLUTELY AVOID and NEVER DO if you ever expect to reach the top of the �barter mountain?�
  4. What is the single most important strategy you positively must use if you expect the ultimate in barter success?
  5. Do you know the most powerful way to generate guaranteed business once you become a member of a trade exchange? (This information alone is worth 100 times the price of this report. You�ll find it listed as #4 under �must do�s.�)
  6. What�s the #1 best kept secret in the barter world? (It�s an incredibly profitable leverage technique. A survey BarterNews conducted that showed less than 1-out-of-1000 members of a trade exchange have ever used this exceptional technique.)  

Get a hold of our report, and all the answers will be in your arsenal ready for you to use!

The sooner you order the faster you will learn how to profit from the �real world� of barter! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn the easy, proven way to generate tens-of-thousands of dollars of additional business.

And remember, when you buy from BarterNews you can contact Bob Meyer for a consultation whenever you have a question.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason whatsoever with our Entrepreneur World of Barter package, I�ll refund your money�no questions asked.

                                      �Bob Meyer, Publisher and Author of

                                        Entrepreneur�s World of Barter


Imagine Trading In Six Figures Like These 300 Traders Did!


An impressive group of 300 top traders assembled in Chicago in the spring of 2004 for a lavish awards luncheon, hosted by Illinois Trade Association. They listened to stories by keynote speaker Bob Meyer about the richest and most famous entrepreneurs who have used barter to build their wealth.

Of the assembled traders, representatives from eight companies traded more than one million dollars in sales for a calendar year. Thirty-three other companies did more than $500,000. The group of 300 averaged $255,000 in additional barter sales� over and above their on-going cash business!

Success leaves a trail�the strategies and techniques outlined in the Entrepreneur�s World of Barter package points you to the path which you can easily follow to your own level of success.

Get started now, order your report today!  To order:
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