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July 30, 2013

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 07/30/2013

America Still Works

Billionaire co-founder Paul Mitchell, of Paul Mitchell and co-founder of Patron Spirits, says today�s current business environment is still as good as ever. (When he launched Paul Mitchell Products in 1980 inflation was 12.5% and unemployment was above 10%.)

The key to success according to Mitchell, �If today somebody is very enthusiastic about their service or product and they can maintain that enthusiasm because they believe. Then yes, they have a chance to make it now, today, as well as any other year. And if I started today, could I do it again? Heck yes.�

Political Antics In Washington Affecting Americans

A recent poll by Pew Research Center found that the percentage of Americans who feel China is becoming the world�s leading superpower rose from 36% in 2008 to 47% this year. The percentage of Americans satisfied with life in the U.S. is close to record lows, plus they are disgusted with political antics in Washington (DC) � which 77% of Americans feel are harming the nation. The nation already is in the midst of an economic transformation that�s upending the middle class, yet nobody seems to have answers on how to reinvigorate the economy.

Despite the feelings, one fact is evident. Income per capita in China is $4,940 (ranking 114th in the world, according to the World Bank). Nearly 170 million Chinese, equivalent to half the U.S. population, live in poverty.

Per capita income in the U.S. meanwhile, is about $43,000, or nearly 9 times the level in China. It takes money to be a superpower and there�s no way for any country to overtake the U.S. in a meaningful way with such a huge income disparity.

What really has Americans bummed out is that living standards are lower than they used to be. Real income, adjusted for inflation, has fallen by about 9% since it peaked in 1999. That�s a real life setback for millions of families who now have a harder time making ends meet.

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A Look Back:

Pioneer Jack Schacht�s Barter Industry Philosophy

Chicago-based trade exchange owner Jack Schacht built one of the largest, most successful trade exchanges in the world, starting it all from his kitchen table on a part-time basis. That�s really an incredible accomplishment. One of his strengths was facing the continual changes in the marketplace. This article was published August 6, 2002.

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As you will see, Schacht believed that the marketplace, not an exchange, determines what a client charges. He also embraced the belief that many unimaginative members of an exchange are ill-suited for barter and shouldn�t even be members; moreover the entrepreneurial small business owners should be more appreciated by the industry.

�Though I gave up arguing with my fellow trade exchange owners a long time ago, I feel compelled to respond to Don Loughnane�s comments in your recent July 16 Tuesday Report. Don�s comments unfortunately represent a common misconception still held by many exchange owners.

�First of all, an exchange cannot control barter pricing through the enforcement of trade rules and regulations. It is the marketplace, not the exchange, which determines what a client charges. No trade rules will have a significant effect on our highly entrepreneurial marketplace.

�It is under the exchanges control, however, to properly develop its marketplace which in turn will help control pricing and keep it competitive. For example, an exchange with only one computer vendor in its marketplace will find that computers are sold for a much higher price than an exchange which has several computer vendors. In the barter market, as well as the cash market, prices are always affected by supply and demand.

�A second way to develop the marketplace in order to keep pricing competitive is to see that key clients have products and services readily available to them. A computer dealer who knows he can immediately use his credit for things he needs at reasonable prices can obviously be encouraged to do a more competitive deal.

�This is readily demonstrated with clients who trade with more than one exchange and offer the same item at different price points within the different exchanges. The value of a trade dollar is simply not the same from exchange to exchange. No trade rules can change that reality. 

�It should be pointed out that even in the strongest, largest, most developed barter companies, the trade dollar is not on par with a cash dollar. Since we need to interface with and work with the industry as a whole, it is important that we take our cue from the barter main stream. This will avoid the need to arbitrarily raise or lower our own client�s prices when working with other barter companies.

�It is high time that retail (trade) exchange owners got real and started appreciating the great opportunity we have for highly entrepreneurial business owners. We must stop catering to those unimaginative business owners who will probably never fully appreciate what barter can do for their business and their personal lifestyle. Barter is really not for them and we can never build highly profitable businesses if we cater to them.

"Finally, the very best that we can do is educate our marketplace, not legislate it into some petty bureaucracy where we delude ourselves into thinking that clients will somehow serve our interest as opposed to their own!�

(Jack E. Schacht, founder of Illinois Trade Association in Niles, Illinois.)

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Reclaim Your Former Customers For Quicker Profits

Marketing consultant George Walther�s startling thesis is this: Most businesses waste time trying to land new customers when they could be making much more money reclaiming former customers.

You should go after new business, of course, but as Walther explains in his book Upside-Down Marketing, customers who have walked out or fallen away are a major source of profits left untapped by most companies. The fact is former customers know who you are, thought enough of you to buy, and could  �without much effort� be induced to do so again.

A much-quoted survey found that 68% of those customers who drop off do so simply because they sense indifference. Walther points out that most customers leave our �conveyor belts� because we don�t show them how important they are!

His prescription? Call them!


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Making Things Happen � One Of The Secrets To Wealth

According to a survey of more than 1,400 people around the world with an average net worth of $2 million, the wealthiest respondents exhibited 80% more energy than those at the bottom of the sample.

Energy, of course, is a subjective quality. In the survey respondents were asked to use a scale from 1 to 10, regarding how much energy they put into certain tasks � with 10 being the highest.

The survey found that the wealthiest of the group devoted 60% of their energy toward focused goals like �making things happen� and �hunting out new opportunities.� They not only focused their energy but they also devoted more total energy (80% more) to all of these goals than the lower samplers.

(The report was done by Scorpio Partnership, Standard Charter Private Bank, and SEI.)

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Serving Food With A Smile Keeps Patrons Coming Back

According to researchers at NFO World Group of Connecticut, the survey results of more than 600 customers shows conclusively that friendly service is what keeps a restaurant�s patrons coming back � not its �hottest� sandwich or special. In short, the study revealed that repeat customers are crying out for having a generic experience turned into a personal one.

Here�s a can�t miss formula for success: Provide friendly service with the ability to buy a meal on trade.


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