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July 22, 2014

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 07/22/2014

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Michael Mercier Selected As IRTA's 2014 Barter Hall of Fame Inductee

The Hall of Fame Committee is pleased to announce that Michael Mercier, founder and President of Metro Trading Association, has been selected to receive the 2014 Hall of Fame Award — the highest honor conferred by the International Reciprocal Trade Association. The Hall of Fame Committee is comprised of all the former recipients of the Hall of Fame Award.

The award will be presented at IRTA's 35th Annual International Convention being held September 25 through 27 in Cancun at the Grand Oasis Resort. IRTA congratulates Michael on his well-deserved 2014 Hall of Fame Award!

Michael started Metro Trading Association in 1978, which services the business community in Michigan and Ohio. In addition to being a past IRTA President, Michael has served as IRTA's Vice-President and Secretary. He has chaired numerous IRTA committees and been recognized with the "Paul St. Martin Award," the "Legend of Barter Award" and numerous "Outstanding Achievement Awards."  Since 1984, he has been a tireless worker to unite the industry domestically.

Michael also played a leading role as the long-term chairperson of IRTA's Government Relations Committee. With IRTA staff, he authored legislation to regulate the industry that was twice introduced in the United States Congress.
Additionally, he was deeply involved with lobbying Congress in response to the "John Doe" summons activity of the IRS. This led to the government's recognition of the barter industry as a third-party record keeper via TEFRA — the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act. This record keeper designation was the first point cited by the Commissioner in the recent exemption obtained by IRTA from the CA Money Transmitter Act.
IRTA invites all retail barter exchanges, corporate trade companies, complementary currency organizations and counter-trade companies to attend this year's important industry convention.    
To register for the 2014 IRTA Convention, click here.

To review the program schedule for the 2014 IRTA Convention, click here.
If you have questions regarding the IRTA Convention, contact either Ron Whitney at & 757-393-2292, or Patty Weston at & 407-951-6797. — World's Largest Depository Of Barter Information

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Active International Appoints Chief Digital Officer

Active International, the largest global independent corporate trade company, has announced the appointment of Alan Izenman as Chief Digital Officer. In this newly created role, Izenman will be responsible for building and implementing emerging technologies throughout the firm.
In particular, he will further the development of the company's programmatic offering, expanding and establishing partnerships with market leaders of this technology, and educating clients about programmatic's benefits. Izenman has served as Senior Vice President with oversight of the company's Integrated Digital and Print Media group for the past five years.
"In recent years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way that clients approach media strategy. We believe that both digital advertising, and the purchase of digital and linear media through programmatic technologies, will grow exponentially in importance," said Dennis Quinn, Executive Vice President.
"We continue to invest significant resources to build out Active's programmatic offering, having seen success over the past year placing digital media programmatically for our clients. With Izenman at the helm, we will lead the corporate trade industry in programmatic media buying across linear and digital media."
The company also announced the hiring of Jon Lumerman as Vice President of its Integrated Media group. Lumerman brings over 15 years of industry experience to Active, where he will oversee the day-to-day digital business, as well as planning, for the group. He will also serve as an integral part of the integration team, assuring the inclusion of the most advanced technological advances into its product offering. 
"Programmatic technology provides advertisers with an enhanced opportunity for targeting their audience through the combination of Big Data and automation. This movement towards programmatic ad technology is the way of the future, and I'm excited to lead the company and our clients towards increased adoption for all types of media," said Izenman. "At the same time, Jon's extensive expertise in the digital space will further our ongoing effort to deliver world-class capabilities and unparalleled value to our clients amidst this rapidly evolving landscape."
Most recently, Lumerman served as Head of Media Operations at Crossmedia, where he was responsible for the strategy, planning and buying of traditional and digital media. He developed fully integrated media campaigns and collaborated with clients, creative and public relations agencies as well as research groups. Prior to that, he spent eight years as Senior Vice President of Media at EarthQuake Media where he led the agency's approach to new and emerging media.
Lumerman began his career as a media buyer for Media Vest. As a result, Lumerman brings considerable experience in helping clients strategize, plan and buy across both traditional and digital media platforms.
"This is an incredibly exciting time for Active and its clients," said Lumerman. "I look forward to leveraging my experience to further Active's trading relationships and capabilities in the digital space, which will enable us to enhance our clients' reach and maximize their media spend."
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Struggling to get your foot in the door of a big company? Here's the strategy one innovative salesperson used as an unforgettable introduction.

It involved going to the local shopping mall and purchasing a pair of dress shoes. The salesperson then wrapped one up and sent it by courier to the CEO, who upon opening the package, read the following note on the enclosed business card:
"John, now that I finally have one foot in the door, may I bring the other in to join it?"

His administrative assistant called the first thing the following morning to schedule a time to meet. The CEO liked persistence, but he loved creativity even more. He told the salesperson he expected that same creativity to be dedicated to their business relationship from then on.


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