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  May 20, 2014

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 05/20/2014

IRTA Convention Slated For Cancun September 25-27

The International Reciprocal Trade Association will hold its 35th Annual International Convention at the beautiful, beachfront all-inclusive Grand Oasis Cancun Resort & Spa this September 25 through 27.

For more information on IRTA and the upcoming convention, click here.

Active International Celebrates 30 Years Of Excellence

Active International, the largest independent global corporate-trade company, has announced the launch of its advertising and marketing campaign. Titled "We Made the Trade," it's in honor of the company's 30th anniversary.

For more information, click here

Groupon Introduces "Groupon Bucks"

Groupon has a new service called Basics that is now selling over 100 products (from razors and vitamins to a myriad of consumer goods) in bulk, in an effort to grab more of the e-commerce market. The Basics service offers free shipping on orders of $24.99 or more from its warehouse.

As an introductory promotion, customers who place an order will receive a 5-percent rebate in Groupon Bucks, an online credit that can be used towards future Groupon purchases.

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NATE Hosts Its 30th Annual Convention In Orlando

The National Association of Trade Exchanges' recently held annual convention was aimed at "Expanding the World of Trade" and consisted of seminars for trade exchange owners and brokers. Along with the seminars and discussion panels, convention attendees had many social events planned as a means for networking, a "Welcome Meet & Greet Mixer," and an awards banquet held at Disney's Epcot Center.

The 2014 Platinum Sponsors were TradeFirst (MI) and Trade Studio (WA).  Additional convention supporters for the convention included Alamo Barter Corporation, Barter Business Exchange Inc, New England Trade Inc, and The Barter Company. Their generous contributions went to the planning, organizing, and execution of convention events such as the Epcot Center banquet and Pirates Dinner Adventure outing.

In addition to the seminars moderated by exchange owners and brokers, NATE also offered free RTB (Registered Trade Broker) and CTB (Certified Trade Broker) training for those looking to advance their barter broker skills and knowledge in the industry. The training and testing is the same for CTB & RTB. A RTB can only become a CTB after being in the barter industry for two years.

The following are the 2014 RTBs and CTBs:

John Kucera, CTB - Carolina Trade Exchange

Bonnie Williams, CTB - Carolina Trade Exchange

Raye Fegan, CTB - NATE admin/BANC broker

Jason Johnston, CTB - Bottom Line Barter

Christina Lugo, RTB - Barter Business Exchange Inc.

Liz Kelchner, RTB - Barter Business Exchange Inc.

Janette Perry, RTB - International Barter Exchange

Newly elected 2014 NATE board officers are:

  • President - Maurya Lane, of Barter Business Exchange
  • Vice President - Paul Richardson, of Arizona Trade Exchange
  • Treasurer - Gary Oshry, of New England Trade
  • Secretary - Kim Ames, of TradeAmericanCard
  • Board member - Kenn Flemmons, of Southern Barter Exchange
  • Board member - Ric Zampatti, of The Barter Company
  • Board member - Anne Weiser, of International Barter Exchange

In addition, Fred Detwiler received NATE's award for member of the year and Gary Oshry was awarded board member of the year. 

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