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May 5,  2009

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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IRTA-Europe Conference Scheduled For June In Norway

What promises to be a very unique and interesting convention is a mere month away, beginning June 4 and continuing through June 5. International Reciprocal Trade Association attendees will fly into Oslo (OSL) and transportation will be arranged from the airport to the Quality Spa & Resort hotel in Kragero. The nightly hotel cost is 1000 Kroner (US$148.26), payable half-cash half-trade.

The IRTA European conference will be followed by a �Money Philosophy Festival� June 6 and June 7, in Kragero. Programs offered during the festival include:

         Money & Politics: Credibility & Trust

         Money Rules The World! But Who Rules Money?

         Money: Freedom Or Equality?

         Money, Dugnad & Reciprocity In Developing Countries

         Create Your Own Money

         Interest? No Interest!

         Crisis? What Crisis?

For more details see

Attention Trade Exchange Owners. . .It�s GROW OR GO!

The magic bullet for growth is sales, always has been and always will be...yet the industry�s overall growth is anemic. Why? Maybe it�s because we�re not providing on-going education about our unique way of doing business. Knowledge is always a pre-requisite to taking sustained action.

And for those newcomers, the lifeblood of an exchange, awareness of and understanding about the value of trading is even more important.

If you expect prospects to come aboard and your members to be more active traders, but you are perplexed when the results are less than you desire...there�s a good reason. You must continually educate and motivate every month--month after month after month!

Such action is necessary because, let�s face it, more cash business, not trade, is of paramount importance to your members. You must break through this �cash only� focus and redirect their thinking toward barter. Although most exchanges don�t see the importance of doing so, many industry leaders are taking action and so can you.

As the owner of your own operation, there is an easy and inexpensive solution for moving forward...look into using The Competitive Edge newsletter. It�s a camera-ready, 4-page, professionally written, informational marketing tool...available in PDF format as well as print. So regardless of how you reach your prospects and clients, you will have the necessary vehicle.

Written especially for you, the busy trade exchange owner, I am certain it will be the best investment you ever make.

For more information about The Competitive Edge, and how it can benefit you click here.

IRTA�s 30th Annual Convention

Slated For Dallas�s Four-Star Magnolia Hotel

The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) has announced the 30th Annual IRTA International Convention will be held October 1 - October 3 at the beautiful, historic four-star Magnolia Hotel ( located in midtown Dallas (TX).

More than 125 attendees are expected to attend this year�s convention representing over sixty trade exchange networks from around the world. �This 30th annual convention will bring together the finest people in the industry and will honor the pioneers who have developed and defined this industry,� asserted David Wallach, IRTA�s President.

�We are planning an exciting, motivational and educational program that will appeal to all attendees,� promised Ron Whitney, IRTA Executive Director. �This convention will mark a milestone and be a true testament to the important role IRTA has played in the Modern Trade and Barter Industry over the past three decades.�

For more information go to or e-mail


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New Barter Software Unveiled

VirtualBarter has launched its new informational and marketing web site for the purpose of detailing the new features and functionality available in the new version 4.0 of its vBarter software that�s slated for release in June 2009.

The new web 2.0 site features a wealth of information about the new software, which will provide for custom exchange site design themes, enhanced content management, toll free touch-tone phone processing, community features and an array of plug-in applications...all designed to give a trade exchange complete flexibility and customizing capabilities never before imaginable.

Companies, business networks or organizations interested in starting a new barter exchange or migrating their existing exchange to the vBarter software platform can learn about the software, view details about the various subscription types, and click a button to get a new online barter/trade exchange management system in 24 hours.

Pricing for the barter exchange software, which is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, and provided on a �Software as a Service� subscription model rather than a revenue share of fees, starts at just $45/month.

For further information see or phone (941) 870-5560.

Money-Making Reports Available From BarterNews

Understanding The Financial Crisis

By Benjamin Gisin (

In the economy, the financial crisis expresses itself as a tightening of cash flows for businesses, governments, non-profits and individuals. This chilling wave of less-than-adequate cash flows raises national stress levels as we wonder how we�ll survive � and amidst colossal bailouts whose cost is pushed on government and ultimately a burden to taxpayers.

This financial crisis, like past and future ones, are a logical expression of an unsustainable financial world that breeds conflicts of interest and unbridled profiteering. There are certainly people more responsible than others for the crisis. However, we have all (unconscious in most cases) supported and used this system destined to arrive at this juncture sooner or later.

The Federal Reserve (Fed) publishes the Flow of Funds Report ( that illustrates who owes who. The September report discloses debtors owe creditors $51 trillion in the United States. Since 1985, debt has grown twice as fast as GDP. The sub-prime lending crisis gave an already indebted economy the shakes by reducing the financing activity needed to sustain the economy in response to non-performing debt � the depression revisited.

The problem starts with what we use as instruments of exchange, most notably bank accounts and currency � debt obligations of banks and the Fed respectively. Bank accounts are backed by people in debt to banks. Currency is backed by the national debt. By Webster�s definition, these instruments are not money. Our financial system is that of debt obligations backing other debt obligations with no money in between.

Here is where the legal marriage of the economy to the debt products of the financial system has brought us:

1) The financial industry is unable to find a sufficient number of borrowers to qualify for credit to invoke and distribute the debt instruments (bank accounts and currency) to maintain the economy and service all investments.

2) The sub-prime lending crises, war spending and commodity (oil) speculation are like rams hitting a financial landscape already weakened from its natural debt growth.

3) The official solution is to find the biggest borrower (the U.S. Government) to take on additional debt to accomplish three things: 1) Underpin investments gone sour � bonds/loans to non-performing borrowers. 2) Re-capitalize huge enterprises � AIG Insurance. 3) Economic stimulation to get people to spend � tax rebates.

4) The financial industry�s products � bank accounts and currency (what people perceive as money) � are faltering as instruments of exchange. The financial system is a dog that knows only one trick � use debt as money and debt to back the debt used as money. On 3/31/08, bank accounts (debt of banks) stood at $7.4 trillion. On 12/31/07, currency (debt of the Fed) stood at $792 billion. There�s an insufficient amount of circulating debt servicing $51 trillion in fixed debt.

5) The chosen solution for the financial crisis is to use the public, via the federal government, as the borrower of last resort. Is maintaining the financial system in the long run, as the uncontested king in providing our instruments of exchange, being done at the expense of the economy?

6) Using debt obligations as instruments of exchange is so archaic it has required volumes of laws to mandate people to use it. Now the financial system needs more public debt to keep it going. Is the financial crisis exposing the financial industry as an unsustainable welfare recipient?

7) The original blueprint for creating bank accounts (deposits) and currency as instruments of exchange was for profit making through debt. Can we grasp that what we use as money is steadily failing as an instrument of exchange?

Our dilemma is attempting to borrow ourselves into prosperity. We�ve done it in the past when the economy was less saturated with debt. It is a sobering awareness to discover there is no money per se, only the debt instruments we have become accustomed (anesthetized) to using in commerce.

Having the economy married to the financial industry is not unlike being on the Titanic. Only, it�s not about life boats. It�s about splitting from a partner intoxicated with debt and getting on the road to recovery with more progressive partners.

Many progressive concepts already exist or are in the process of coming into expression:

1) Economic reciprocity. (

2) Volunteering that can be applied to helping ourselves economically.        (

3) Non-debt forms of exchange. (

4) Re-inventing money with local currencies and other reciprocity.              (

The human family will survive this crisis and may start thinking outside the financial paradigm. It is in our hearts to evolve to a system sensitive to human frailty and our oneness. We�ve just received an invitation to do so.


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