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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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When In Doubt Call Your Broker Like This Happy Entrepreneur Did

Recently we talked with a client of a trade exchange, who, admittedly, is a staunch proponent of barter credit as a way to reduce his bank borrowing.

He explained that at one time he was a veteran of the banking scene, with lines of credit as high as $250,000. No longer. Now he’s discovered barter.

Asked to compare the borrowing from a bank to that of his trade exchange, he smiled and replied, “There’s no comparison between the two in my opinion.

“With the barter company, all they wanted was a current business financial report and a commitment that we would provide $75,000 worth of our services to members of the barter network.

“To get that same $75,000 from a banker is an entirely different story! I’d be spending considerably more time completing numerous forms...not to mention the collateral that would be required.”

The client summed it up best: “Why would anyone want to go through the aggravation of dealing with a bank, when the same thing can be accomplished more easily and quickly through their trade exchange?”