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What We Can Look Forward To In 2008

While the presidential campaign and the Summer Olympics in Beijing will be the dominate stories for next year, here are five other important issues you�ll likely be hearing more about in 2008.

1. Energy dependence.

This may well be a hot issue for the 2008 presidential election, as it�s a most critical issue facing our nation. Although we've had decades to fix the problem, we are becoming more dependent on foreign nations for our energy needs. The focus may be on mobilizing our resources to get energy consumption under control, plus expanding renewable energy resources.

2. The dollar's decline

As the U.S. is losing its position of �leader of the economic pack� on the world stage, we will lose the economic clout to dictate outcomes. The dollar�s decline is the result of a long list of economic ills including the large federal budget deficits, huge international trade deficit, weak savings practices by Americans, and the cost of the Iraq War.

3. The green revolution.

This will continue to expand because, whether you are a manufacturer or a consumer, it is now beginning to make economic sense to think about eco-friendly products and sustaining the environment. In the past, consumers felt it was important to have recyclable products, but weren�t willing to pay a premium for them.

That is changing with growing pressure from society to both have more eco-friendly products and to live in a sustainable environment. With the price of eco-friendly products coming down, it also presents a genuine business opportunity that will improve.

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