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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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What Problem Are You Solving?

Despite the numerous products and services for sale in today�s expanding barter marketplace, members of a trade exchange like all consumers, will exchange their hard-earned trade dollars for only two reasons: either to feel good or to solve a problem.

To put it in a more personal perspective, your customers don�t buy what your company sells ... they buy what those goods or services do for them.

  • They don�t purchase clothes. They purchase a sharp appearance, style and attractiveness.
  • They don�t buy insurance. They buy peace of mind and a comfortable future for their family and themselves.
  • They don�t buy a house. They buy contentment, a long-term investment and pride of ownership.
  • They don�t buy a book. They buy pleasant hours of reading and the profits of knowledge.
  • They don�t purchase toys. They purchase happy moments for their children and grandchildren.
  • They don�t buy a computer. They buy the pleasures of having the most updated technology.
  • They don�t buy airline tickets. They buy the comfort and convenience of a fast, safe, on-time arrival at a destination feeling like a million dollars.

What does the average consumer buy? Ideas, good feelings, self respect, comfort and happiness � those are the things they want.

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