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UiSwap Promotes Sense Of Community

A new online marketplace at will allow its users to barter, sell, and swap goods and services, not only for free, but also on a much deeper socially-connected level. Buyers will enjoy the luxury of finding online shopping bargains from real people that they are encouraged to interact and barter with�making sales and swaps a more satisfying experience.

A key component of this personalized swap-meet experience is the ability for traders, sellers, or buyers to live chat. This innovative feature brings the face-to-face bartering benefits of traditional swap meets online.

More detailed user profiles also adds to the sense of community on Instead of just user ratings (which can take an incredibly long time to work up on sites like eBay), buyers and swappers can see and learn more about the individual with whom they are dealing. It has been discribed as eBay meets Craigslist meets MySpace.

According to uiSwap officials there is not a large amount of bartering going on online since there has been such a lack of confidence and horror stories of people getting ripped off in what they thought was a sound deal. With, you know who you are dealing with before you make the deal�similar to bartering in real-life scenarios, which allows for people to feel more confident and safe bartering online.

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