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TTi Displays Verified Safe™ Seal

TeleTrade International, an international service provider to the barter and trade exchange industry for over 25 years www.eValues.net, has announced that its web services and systems serving www.eValues.net is the first and only barter site certified daily to be in excess of 99% hacker safe.

CEO of TTi, Gary Lasater, explained, “When a premiere web site has met the standards set by the U.S. government, MasterCard, the FBI-SANS, and other credit card processors, the Periscan Verified Safe security seal appears.”

“In today’s internet world,” he continued, “some may say that their sites are safe, encrypted or secure. But until a full, independent, and daily certification is completed, their site is still vulnerable. TeleTrade International is pleased to stand the rigors of daily certification and proudly display the Verified Safe™ seal.”

Having spent almost three decades in the barter industry, Laster made it a point to note that his company is, “A full service technology provider, equal to or better than any financial bank or credit card industry provider.”

For further information contact Gary Lasater at (303) 840-7172 ext.1, or e-mail gary@teletrade.net.